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In order to keep up with the nature of free, spirited debate, I wanted to place the chat feature at the top of the homepage. This ensures people can come here and share their views on anything they wish and not have it be related to any specific discussion. Here, people can share ideas, links, and views "unmoderated" and an their own pace. To me, this makes The Elephant in the Room blog truly a place for debate.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving! - From The Elephant in the Room

Good morning,

I just wanted to leave a simple note before the Thanksgiving holiday. The blog will be online during the holidays, but there will be no postings between today and Monday the 26th. For Thanksgiving, the family and I will be in the middle of the woods in West Virginia, and we'll have no internet access.

I wanted to wish everyone a wonderful and safe holiday, and I hope that however you choose to spend this joyous time, it makes you and everyone around you very happy and fulfilled. I'm looking forward to continuing our discussions and debates on Monday. Of course, comments are open, and the chat at the bottom of the blog is a great place for live exchange.

Warm regards,

Mike - LME

P.S. It's also a great time to remind everyone that it was about one year ago we rolled out Reader's Posts. We're thankful that so many people care about our great nation and have chosen to express themselves and their views about all things political. We've had 20 so far which is about one every 2½ weeks. We encourage everyone to check it out and consider writing one for yourself:


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Mrs. LME!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving all.