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In order to keep up with the nature of free, spirited debate, I wanted to place the chat feature at the top of the homepage. This ensures people can come here and share their views on anything they wish and not have it be related to any specific discussion. Here, people can share ideas, links, and views "unmoderated" and an their own pace. To me, this makes The Elephant in the Room blog truly a place for debate.
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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Ben Shapiro Takes on Piers Morgan the Right Way

One week ago, I posted the video clip of conservative radio show host Alex Jones making what I think is a fool of himself on the Piers Morgan show. If you don't already know, Morgan has made himself the prime time, cable TV voice of gun control in America, and he has repeatedly, time and time again, brought on gun rights advocates and demeaned, insulted, and berated them for views Morgan deems "absurd." In Jones' case, the message was resounding, but the delivery and the behavior was quite off and disrespectful. Granted, this is what Morgan does to his own opponents who have differing views, but as I said in last week's write-up, we on the right shouldn't behave in this way. We should let the left maintain their contempt and intolerance for opposition and diversity, and we should not shoot back with disrespect, even if it is manifested in a different form. It is ever more clear that Morgan knew how to get a buzz out of the "right" by inviting a fringe, hot-button member on his show, and that ratings and hollow pulpits, above all things, are all that matters to Morgan and CNN.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Open Forum: Fiscal Cliff Friday

Here we are about one month away from the self-imposed "fiscal cliff," and, as expected, the opinions are flying. I believe that because of the mainstream media's liberal leaning it's difficult to get a real sense of what this situation comprises. It seems clear that the media has taken sides, (here, here, and here are just a few of many examples), so getting real, truthful, fact-based information might be difficult.

Regardless, based on what we do know, how would YOU solve the problem. Put yourself in any situation: As a senator, a representative, the President, a casual observer, a taxpayer... whatever you like. How would you handle the situation? Would you negotiate? What do you think should be the solution? What would you like to see as the outcome? This open forum is for just that: sharing any thoughts, opinions, advice, information, etc., that you have concerning the fiscal cliff. I'll put my quick opinion below; feel free to join in any time.

Happy Fiscal Cliff Friday! :-)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Politics and Violence - Steven Crowder Attacked by Union Thug... Where is the Media Outrage?

Yesterday, I posted an Open Forum debate for Michigan's new Right-to-Work law:

As most of you probably know, this "hot-button" issue was the talk of the day in political circles yesterday. Opinions have been flying, left and right, on social media, and they're surely continue to do so long after the fervor dies down.

What seems to be missing from the mainstream media's daily "news" reports is the violence that occurred on the lawn of the Michigan State Capitol during the union's protest of the passage of the Right-to-Work bills. A quick check of the MSM's websites does not mention that Fox News reporter Steven Crowder was viciously attacked by a union thug. Also missing is the union's violent destroying of an AFP, an organization that supports Right-to-Work legislation, tent. Is this deliberate? Are they intentionally not reporting the brutality and the animosity because it was a democratic faction that propagated it? Allegations, speculations and rhetorical questions aside, I think we can agree with some degree of certainty that if this was a GOP or Tea-Party rally and this kind of malicious attack occurred, it would be plastered front-and-center on every MSM news site out there. Of course, these occurrences are rare, and ones that do exist are simple propaganda. Republicans rarely act like this. We don't scream and yell and chant and attack when we don't get our way. It's just that simple. When Obamacare crossed key hurdles, (its passage and the Supreme Court's ruling), did republicans attack people? Did we threaten to riot if Obama was reelected. Of course not. We don't act like this... If we did, you'd hear a LOT more about it in the media.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Mr. Obama: What are These Fiscal Cliff Negotiations Really About?

Call this an open letter, a fair question, or a continuation of this blog's debate on the Fiscal Cliff:

Part 1 - Fiscal Cliff Open Forum:

Part 2 - Speaker Boehner's Offer/Proposal to the President:

And now Part 3 - Trying to discover what this is truly about. I pose what I think is a very real question:

"Mr. President (and, by association, democrats), would you accept a GOP-sponsored proposal IF it raised the exact same revenue as your proposal but did so by cutting loopholes, deductions, etc., and not raising tax rates?"

Can everyone see where I'm going with this? It's philosophical, sure... but it gets at the heart of this negotiation.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Speaker Boehner's Letter and Fiscal Cliff Proposal

This post is an add-on to our ongoing Fiscal Cliff debate taking place here:

Yesterday, the Speaker of the House, John Boehner, sent a letter to President Obama outlining the GOP's proposal to avoid going over the impending "Fiscal Cliff." This single issue, in my opinion, is the most important issue in our current socio-political-economic environment. Dollars and cents aside, I believe the handling of this issue, from the "kick-the-can-down-the-road-until-after-the-election" proposition to the notion of "compromise" or general lack thereof, highlights the broken nature of our federal government. From the divide in the halls of Congress to the split nature of our debates in social media, this single issue is driving a wedge through the nation. Regardless of how this will be resolved, the handling of this problem will surely set a precedent, unfortunately, for the handling of similar, ideologically-divided issues for years to come.

A key "x-factor" in this arena seems to be the lack of "good" information. The media, an unchecked faction who's supposedly charged with passing information to the people, seems to be subjective rather than objective. It's often said that the media leans to the left, and in this year alone, it doesn't seem ashamed to show it. With respect to the Fiscal Cliff, many examples have emerged (here are a few from Newsbusters - whom I respect because they back their claims with video, audio, links, and transcripts: ABC, Piers, Diane Sawyer, Wolf to show a few) that show the media is shamelessly taking sides without offering a balanced set of inquiries or interviews to anyone on the right. This leads to an American public that is grossly misinformed about the facts of our dire situation.

Monday, November 5, 2012

CNN's Joke of a Poll and My Election Prediction

As you can see from the title of this post, there are two relevant issues I'm writing about today: CNN's final poll, and how I think the election will play out. They're relatively unrelated, but I figured I'd get them both out in one post.

First, the CNN poll:

This final CNN poll is truly a joke. It claims the that Obama and Romney are tied 49% to 49%, but that is with, according to the poll, Romney winning the independent vote my 22 points, 59% to 37%. You might be scratching your head in amazement. "How could this be?" you might ask. Well, it's really quite simple: democrats are oversampled by +11! (D/R/I = 41/30/29).

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

CNN Shamelessly Misleads On Economic Report

Last Friday, the Commerce Department released a report claiming the economy grew at a dismal 2.0% annualized rate. By most economists' standards, an economy whose output exceeds last year's output by 2.0% is not growing quickly or strongly by any stretch of the imagination. But that didn't stop CNN from claiming it was a different story. See the article here:

Here is the front page headline from

Click Image for Expanded View

Friday, October 12, 2012

Fact Check Friday - #VPDebate

Now that the storm that was the Vice Presidential debate has passed, the media's "fact checkers" are out in full force. I have to admit, ever since the RNC, I've been skeptical of the media's brand of fact checking:

I wanted to put this out there so that people can contribute if they'd like. I think it's up to us, the "little guys," to dig and fact check and find the truth. I'm going to start off with one, and if you would like to contribute, please share them below.

Fact Check: Did Joe Biden vote against the wars in the Middle East?

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Who Should Get Credit for "Saving" the Auto Industry?

First, before I start, I need to get this out there: I was/am firmly against the auto industry "bailouts." I don't care who did it; I do not believe the government should have rewarded poor business decisions. It's quite simple in my book. If you make good business decisions, you survive. If you don't, you fail. By bailing out GM and Chrysler, the government ultimately mitigated risk away from a company and ensured that they would be preserved no matter how badly they performed. The cost of setting this precedent outweighs the short-term benefit of saving these companies. I wrote about this in one of my first ever blog posts:

But why am I writing about this now? For one, Vice President Joe Biden and Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan are set to debate tomorrow, and I'm sure this will come up. Joe Biden is often heard at campaign rallies touting the "Bin Laden is dead and GM is alive" line. Take a look: He even said it in his DNC speech in Charlotte, North Carolina earlier this year:

Monday, October 8, 2012

Did ABC News Intentionally Remove Mitt Romney's Opening Statement from its Transcript of the First Debate?

This was reported on - I did not write this, and I am posting this on my blog to pass along information. I think this is an interesting find, and I decided to "fact-check" the issue myself. Additionally, I think the questions the people at Breitbart ask are relevant.

First, the ABC transcript where the opening statements occured:

If you watched the debate Wednesday night, you remember that Obama had the first thing to say. His first lines were:

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Getting to the Bottom of Skewed Polls - Part 1

This is labeled as "Part 1" because if more email correspondence exists between me and various pollsters, I will add them as further posts. Of course, if pollsters are afraid to respond, I will write about that, too. Sorry, Mr. Cooper... but this is my version of "Keeping Them Honest." :-)

There has been much written about the skewing or "oversampling" of democrat respondents in recent polls. I wrote about how I believe this is a form of psychological voter suppression being employed by the media: In short, the oversampling of democrats in polls allows the results to be skewed in favor of Obama, promoting a "Romney can't win this race" situation in an effort to get republican voters to stay home since their efforts would be futile. CNN wrote a "debunk" piece of my theory here: And yes, I have been skeptical of these polls before usual the conservative pundits got on board.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Un-skewed State Polls Update

This is just a quick update post to put the un-skewed poll tracker front and center. Check it out here:

Key battleground polls have been released over the weekend and today, and while these polls show some significant leads for Obama, once the data is scrubbed and un-skewed, the picture isn't as bleak for Romney. In fact, in North Carolina, the un-skewed calculation of PPP's poll shows Romney with a 9 point lead. Check it out!

Monday, September 24, 2012

LME Presidential Poll Tracker / Database

This page will be used as a storage location for polling analysis and will be updated often as possible. It is a follow-up to my recent post describing my view that I believe the left-leaning media intentionally over-samples democrats in their polls in an effort to discourage GOP voting. The theory is that if the race is presumed to be "out of reach" for Mitt Romney, republican voters would be more likely to abstain from voting if they feel their efforts would be futile. I wrote about this here: <- click here for analysis and methodology.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

For Voter Suppression: Look No Further Than The Media

I'm sure you've seen all the back and forth debate about voter ID laws. People on the right claim they're needed to preserve the integrity of voting while people on the left claim that they would hurt minorities and suppress their vote. We've had a reader write in a post about this:

I pose to you that there is a different kind of voter suppression occurring, and it's conducted by the media. First, an outline: I often discuss the concept of rhetoric... or, as I like to put it, "rhetoricing." Rhetoricing is the process the media uses to sway people's minds. If the media constantly headlines pro-Obama or anti-Mitt Romney headlines/articles, people will be swayed. ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC News, USA Today, and major print publications should be reporting news and not opinion. But that's not the way it is. Just take a look at's front page from September 18th. If you visited the site, you instantly encountered the five following headlines: 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Don't Believe the "Red State" Lie

We conservatives say that one of the main reasons we should not re-elect President Obama is because of his failure to turn the country around. Often times we are met with the excuse, "well, it was soooooo messed up... George W. Bush left us with such a mess that Obama can't fix it in just four years."

Hmmm, what an interesting concept. If GWB was only president for 8 years, and it is unrealistic to expect the country to "turn" as we were promised it would... how long do you think it would take to turn a state or a group of states that have been blue for, oh, I don't know... many, many decades?

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Open Forum: Mitt Romney's Secretly-Taped Comments

Open forums are a place for debate. That's really all this is about. A position is shared, there isn't much analysis, and the position is debated.

Today's topic: Mitt Romney's comments about the 47% of people that will not vote for him. I'm sure if you've turned on the TV or logged onto a news website today you've heard the latest. You were probably met with headlines of "Mitt Romney claims Obama supporters feel 'entitled'" or something along those lines. To get straight to the source, here are the videos from the socialist publication Mother Jones

The biggest quote that is making its way through the headlines:

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Barack Obama Should Take His Own Advice - 2008 DNC Speech

Maybe you've seen this video. Maybe you haven't. This isn't an economic analysis, and this isn't something I can take credit for. Keep in mind, I don't blog for accolades, and I don't blog for attention. I blog to spread information. I blog to share truth. I blog to share that I'm a 29 year old conservative in a liberal world, and most importantly, I blog to share WHY I'm a 29 year old conservative in a liberal world. Sometimes I give conclusions. Sometimes I don't... but if I'm going to give information and data, it's to help people learn something. In this case, watch the following video clip of then candidate Obama's 2008 Democratic National Convention speech and make your own conclusions:

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Official "Campaign" Slogan of This Blog: #Question

Designed by Pachyderm Pride

Why "Question?" Where does this come from? And why the similarities to the Obama "Forward" logo? All this will be explained. 

First, let me explain one of the original reasons I titled the blog The Elephant in the Room. As a sub-30 year old republican living in Maryland, I'm certainly a rare breed. Naturally, many of my friends (and yes, this definitely extends to Facebook) are democrats. Heck, my wife is a democrat, and I don't fault her for it. :-) Because of that, I'm obviously outnumbered not only in my age group, but in my social circles as well. I'm okay with this. I chose the screen name and web address "Loudmouth Elephant" because I care about politics and economics, and in order to be heard, that's what I have to be. Regardless, I tend to be the "elephant in the room" when it comes to political discussions.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Fact Checking a Fact Check: Did CNN Rush to Judgement?

So what did you think of Paul Ryan's speech last night? I thought he did a great job. He said what was needed: that the economy is not recovering quickly enough, that 23 million Americans are unemployed or underemployed, that one in six Americans now live in poverty, and yes, logically, we need a change in leadership. These are facts, and there really is no way around them. Of course, without hesitation, the liberal media was quick to jump on Ryan's speech, searching for any little tidbit of information they could to show he was a "liar" and "short on facts." But it didn't start with the media. Last night, Obama deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter, who falsely (by a matter of 4x1) claimed "Obama has created more jobs than Ronald Reagan" tweeted the following during Ryan's speech: