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Monday, May 14, 2012

May 14, 2012 - Morning Headlines

- Mexican authorities found 49 decapitated bodies along a highway in Nuevo Leon state between Monterrey and Reynosa. Officials believe the violence isn't targeted at civilians rather dueling Mexican drug cartels (CNN):

- Embattled Yahoo! CEO Scott Thompson has agreed to resign over allegedly falsifying his résumé (Fox News):

- The defense will begin presenting its case in the John Edwards campaign finance violations trial (ABC News):

- Top Joseph Kony commander Caesar Acellam was captured by Ugandan forces Sunday (CBS News):

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  1. Good morning to all. If you have links or news that are important to you and you want to share, please paste them below. Thank you!

  2. I thought this was a good (opinion) article:

    Best to read in its entirety first, otherwise you may get the wrong impression from the first half. But I felt it was a very good analysis and opinion (from a GOP standpoint) of the current trends in politics.

  3. Hi RKen

    Good article, however, I believe the authors focused on the money aspect of the matter, and completely overlooked the root.

    The bottom line (IMHO) boils down to the 'moral majority', who have been largely silent as our Great Country has spiraled steadily downward - and is circling the drain before our eyes.

    I recently heard a commentator/guest (CNN?) who stated (paraphrased) 'the GOP wants to go back to the 50's. They need to get with the program and come into the 21st century.'

    Really? And I know we're at polar opposites on this... but hear me out : )

    Exactly WHERE has the loss/destruction of our faith in God, Family and Country - that BEGAN in the early 60's with the 'free love' generation - taken us?

    God? More and more, He and/or ANY reference to Him is banned in 'public places'. A circuit court judge recently recommended the 'removal' of four of the Ten Commandments.

    Family? Single parent households are the norm, rather than the exception. Fathers have been replaced with non-supporting, absentee 'Baby Daddy's'. 'Test tube' kids are being raised by two 'dads' or two 'moms'. 'Partial birth' abortions make it 'okay' to let - or help a baby die. 'Scholars' are having actual 'discussions' about the age at which a child 'becomes a person'.

    Country? OWS kids bearing signs that read: F*ck America. Our leader's twenty year mentor: "... God d*mn America!" Same leader's 'supporters' deface America's flag w/HIS image.

    In short, our American society, which was BASED on the teachings of the Bible... has been slowly but steadily destroyed. Our CORE PRINCIPALS of God, Family and Country - have been replaced with bigger, and BIGGER Government.

    And the Left claims this 'modern' 21st century society is better? Personally, I think not.

    There, I got that off my chest... let the verbal beatings begin.