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Monday, May 14, 2012

READER'S POST #15 - Is the Democratic Party Nothing But Hypocrites?

By: Anonymous 

I submitted this to start a discussion about a topic that has been on my mind for probably about 10 years now. I've always wondered about democrats, and instead of spinning my head in circles, I decided to post a discussion topic on one of my favorite blogs to help get some answers. Maybe you guys can clear this up for me. This isn't a major analysis, or a rant, but some simple observation-based questions. Again, I'd like to open up a discussion, and I'm glad I can do it here. If this is too controversial for you, please go on to the next posting.

Are Democrats Hypocrites?

Why do I ask? Because I see that: 

- Catholics vehemently oppose abortion, but Catholics seem to strongly support democrats. 

- Jews are typically supported by republicans. Republicans have usually held a "I stand with Israel" position, while democrats are very open to standing with Muslim "feelings." Jews, for some reason, support democrats. 

- African Americans, who are usually the most religious group in the country (per capita), are the largest opponents of gay marriage out of any one group, yet African Americans support democrats. For Hispanic voters, it's the same story. 

Does anyone have an explanation for this? The Catholic issue really boggles me. Abortion is a very touchy subject. How can you claim to be so strongly opposed to abortion while voting for a party that so strongly promotes it?

I am very open to hearing any and all arguments about this. Thank you for the opportunity to discuss this so openly. 

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  1. Leonard T StokesMay 14, 2012 at 7:44 AM

    Let me make this really easy for you. Democrats vote for whomever gives them the most government cake.

    You're welcome.

    1. I'm not really sure if your reply holds water, Leonard. For some, maybe. But for Jewish folks, how would it apply. Looking at countrywide statistics about income demographics, Jewish people are at the top with incomes and at the bottom for how much government "cake" they take. Do you have a better explanation?

    2. Oh come on, that's no more or less true than it is for Republicans.

      Every single major 'government cake' bill (Medicare, SS, Welfare, Food Stamps, Part D) was passed with bipartisian support from both Democrats and Republicans, and in a some cases even pioneered by Republicans.

  2. I understand where you're coming from, and I understand your intent and why you're asking this. But you know that liberals aren't going to pass up the chance at claiming you're a racist.

  3. "Catholics vehemently oppose abortion, but Catholics seem to strongly support democrats."

    This bothers me, too. Practicing Catholics do not vote for pro-abortion politicians. It is the poorly catecized Catholics who do this. They read and listen to the liberal media, see Nancy Pelosi and John Kerry saying they are "Democrat Catholics" and think the Church has evolved. Combine that with weak homilies and I can't blame them.

  4. I'd like to first state that I see hypocritical actions on both sides of the isle; it certainly isn't exclusive to one party.

    As far as your questions, the truth is that there are far too many variables to analyze a voting populous with such blanket statements.

    The fact of the matter is simply this:
    We have only two real political parties but a literally limitless number of possible political, fiscal, national and social standpoints. It is 100% IMPOSSIBLE for one political party to properly represent all of the exact views of millions of people on every one of these issue.

    This doesn't necessarily prove hypocriticalness as much as it merely demonstrates the balance of different priorities.

    Some people prioritize religion, some people prioritize jobs, others social issues and freedoms, and others the economy.

    Believing that one party represents your personal priorities best, regardless of the issues you may disagree on with that party, doesn't make you a hypocrite. If anything, it points to the inherent flaw in a continually growing divisive two-party system that attempts to define every single issue as a simple ‘yay or nay?’

  5. Thanks for the input, everyone. RKen, you make good points. I just wonder if something is SO important to some people (like abortion), though you point out how there are many other issues involved, but if something is just that important, why would they still vote for democrats. I'll keep waiting to hear more responses. (I wrote this, by the way). I just don't want to use any identifier.

    1. Happy to discuss it with ya! I definitely feel this topic is of importance. Appreciate the post.

  6. I've wondered the same thing. I think it boils down to tradition. People often vote for the party they and their families have voted for for generations. My mother's side of the family is a good example. They are Catholics who vote Democrat because their parents voted Democrat. You can argue logic to them until you are blue in the face, but they won't budge.

    It's time for some people to realize that this is not their parent's Democratic party (isn't that what Andrew Breitbart said right before he died?) The Democratic party has moved significantly left, but the moderate Democrats either don't notice or are afraid to think for themselves.

    - K