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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Ben Shapiro Takes on Piers Morgan the Right Way

One week ago, I posted the video clip of conservative radio show host Alex Jones making what I think is a fool of himself on the Piers Morgan show. If you don't already know, Morgan has made himself the prime time, cable TV voice of gun control in America, and he has repeatedly, time and time again, brought on gun rights advocates and demeaned, insulted, and berated them for views Morgan deems "absurd." In Jones' case, the message was resounding, but the delivery and the behavior was quite off and disrespectful. Granted, this is what Morgan does to his own opponents who have differing views, but as I said in last week's write-up, we on the right shouldn't behave in this way. We should let the left maintain their contempt and intolerance for opposition and diversity, and we should not shoot back with disrespect, even if it is manifested in a different form. It is ever more clear that Morgan knew how to get a buzz out of the "right" by inviting a fringe, hot-button member on his show, and that ratings and hollow pulpits, above all things, are all that matters to Morgan and CNN.

Going forward, I know this might be "late to the party" because the video has already made its rounds across the internet, but I wanted to post it one week after posting the Jones video clip. Please watch Ben Shapiro's full interview with Piers Morgan:

Source: YouTube

This is the way it should be done. Shapiro was clear, concise, and loaded with facts. Facts, expressed in a calm, respectful way, help deliver a well-thought argument. Screaming and yelling, as Jones did, does not. 

In the interview, it seems that when Morgan was faced with sharp, matter-of-fact questions, such as the "why don't you want to ban ALL guns" question, he would dodge it (he offered a "I'll get back to it" - which he never fully explained), or he would try to change the subject altogether. He seems to ride high on surface talking points such as, "what weapon was used in Aurora... Sandy Hook... Portland," while either ignoring or discounting the deeper truth Shapiro brings throughout the conversation. Most importantly, Shapiro did not stand for what he considered, rightly, in my opinion, Morgan's "bullying." Morgan holds firm (if you read through his Twitter posts in addition to his show clips, you'll see this as well) that HIS position is the only logical position with respect to gun rights and gun laws, and if you disagree, you're stupid and carry an "absurd" viewpoint.

After seeing this clip, I'm reminded of one of my favorite expressions: "You can let someone walk on you a little... just don't let them grind their heels." Shapiro does just this. He let's Piers try to frame the debate and all gun owners alike, but when Piers, for example, tries to lump Shapiro in with Alex Jones, Shapiro has none of it. Additionally, he tells Piers right from the start, in calling-out fashion, that the way in which Morgan behaves is disgusting and it resembles that of a bully. 

There is only one thing I wish Ben Shapiro would have said: When discussing his view, a correct view, that the Second Amendment's purpose was to protect the citizens from a government that would possibly turn against them (a position that Morgan thought was "silly"), he didn't mention the internment of Japanese citizens during World War II. He did mention the Nazi regime's usurpation of power against its people, but I think the example of the US turning against Japanese-American citizens would have been a powerful point, too. 

What do YOU think of this overall clip? Would you prefer the Ben Shapiro "method" or the Alex Jones one? Tactics aside, do you agree with Shapiro's positions, or do you tend to lean more towards Morgan's? In this increasingly-debated subject, I believe that fair, civil discussion should be maintained, and as we climb this mountain, more debates should be had. This blog will do just that. Please share your thoughts below.

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  1. This right up is spot on. Ben Shapiro, in a professional way, chewed up Morgan. Most important, it was correctly pointed out here, that Morgan tried to swerve away from Shapiro's points whenever they came at him. It's almost as if he said "oh boy, I can't answer that, let's try to go to something else." Great job, LME

  2. Shapiro was spot on. I agree, the mention of our OWN government rounding up the Japanese-AMERICANS - and interring them IN CAMPS - MIGHT have awakened MORE people to the DANGERS of this gun-grab hysteria...

    ...or maybe not. I keep hearing 'Awww, you're can't happen here' and I get pooh-poohed when I say - it already HAS.

    Morgan and his 'gun ban' groupies have focused (today) on 'assault weapons' with zero idea what the definition of 'one of those' even IS.

    FULLY automatic firearms are ALREADY banned and/or VERY tightly regulated, but that's of NO interest to people like Piers Morgan. The key word in their gun-control mantra - is CONTROL.

    I just saw a 'poll' where better than 50% of respondents favored the ban of SEMI-automatic weapons, which encompasses just about EVERY rifle and handgun.

    Again, looks like 'they' are controlling the language, hence the message...

    Oops! Looks like Bloomy got it on in NY! His 'new' law includes:

    *Expand assault weapons ban to INCLUDE semi-automatic PISTOLS
    *Ban on more than SEVEN rounds
    *Background checks on AMMO purchases
    *Doctors REQUIRED to report PATIENTS 'problems' to the STATE (guess that over-rules HIPPA)