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Friday, December 28, 2012

December 28, 2012 - Morning Headlines

- In a controversial move, Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a bill banning Americans from adopting Russian children (CNN):

- As the rhetoric intensifies, the Congress is making last ditch efforts to avoid the Fiscal Cliff (Fox News):

- In a situation that echoes one on the West Coast, longshoreman of East Coast ports are threatening to strike if their union and employer can't agree on a new contract prior to their current one expiring at midnight on December 29th (USA Today):

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  1. I feel bad for the American parents whose adoptions of Russian babies have been stalled or cancelled by the political agenda surrounding this new law.

    Kids are kids and my heart aches for any who have no family. My question is WHY is our American system of adopting unwanted American kids so expensive and convoluted?

    I think part of the reason is the label 'healthy infant'... which leaves out the thousands of kids - who no fault of their own - are considered 'damaged goods', older children who no longer fit into the infant category, and those with behavioral problems CREATED by the very system in which they're STUCK.

    These kids need loving homes just as much as the foreign kids do. Our prisons are FULL of grown-ups who spent their youths falling through the cracks of our draconian foster system - shuffled from one place to another, having never been matched with a loving 'forever home'.

    We seem to treat unwanted or abandoned PETS with more concern and care than our unwanted and abandoned kids.


    1. Well said, Dara. Absolutely spot on!

    2. Very much agree on your points here as well.

      And, also want to swing by and wish everyone a happy and safe new year. :)


  2. "Reid also put all the blame on House Speaker John Boehner, likening him to a dictator and claiming he was putting his speakership before the good of the country."

    What cajones Mr. Pocket Veto has to make this statement! What with more than THIRTY bills (including TWO that address this 'fiscal cliff' fiasco) PASSED by the House, sitting on his desk, that he's NEVER even brought to the Senate floor for a vote.

    The White House meeting between 'leaders' is EXACTLY what brought forth the 'grand bargain'- massive tax hikes and sequestration - that put us in this MESS in the first place.

    The one has ZERO interest in reaching a 'deal'. His plan IS and always WAS to DESTROY the GOP opposition... that's the Alynski way!

    Unfortunately, they've helped him to do just that.

    IMO - with the EXCEPTION of the Debt Ceiling - the ENTIRE GOP (BOTH houses) should let the Dims run w/whatever they insane, unsustainable 'plan' they desire and then follow the one's old habit...

    which is fold their arms and vote 'present'.

    "The shipping industry says the royalties are tantamount to an annual bonus averaging $15,500 for workers already earning more than $50 an hour."

    They already 'earn' <$50 an HOUR, and they're planning to strike???

    I'm not complaining (I'm a 'tipped' employee:) but....THEIR BONUS is more than MY YEARLY SALARY!

    Every dollar these union people EXTORT from THEIR employers - raises the COST of the goods they ship = higher prices passed on to - We The People.

    1. Dara you are on a roll today. Making great points at the end of the year!

  3. Thanks MN 4 Rich and RKen... I wish everyone a Happy and Prosperous New Year, too!