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Friday, April 27, 2012

April 27, 2012 - Morning Headlines

- The U.S. military has announced that it will shift 9,000 marines away from the Japanese island of Okinawa and place them in select areas around the Pacific such as Guam (MSNBC):

- The government will be releasing a report later today outlining the country's economic growth. A predicted growth rate of +2.5% is expected. This would be a slower growth rate than the 3.0% growth rate experienced at the end of 2011 (ABC News):

- The man behind the waterboarding and other enhanced interrogation techniques at Guantanamo Bay detention facility spoke to CBS News and defended these techniques (CBS News):;cbsCarousel

- Travyon Martin shooter George Zimmerman has raised more than $200,000 from donations via a website set up for that purpose (Fox News):

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  1. So the GDP UNEXPECTEDLY grew at a rate slower than previous thought. And this surprises who? Just the state run media outlets.

    Remember how unemployment UNEXPECTEDLY rose over 8% (and 9% and 10%) after passing the Stimulus Bill.

    Have they accurately predicted ANYTHING since 2009?

    After throwing millions of people out of the counting of the "unemployed" and reducing the rate, guess what is happening to jobless claims. They are, you guessed it, UNEXPECTEDLY higher.

    One would have to be a fool to believe anything this joke of an administration puts put, especially when it comes to their rosy scenarios which are always UNEXPECTEDLY worse than projected.

    1. Oops.....Puts OUT not puts put. LOL

    2. G’day slim.

      You mention "they" and seem to be referring to the media/administration, when you discuss the 'expected vs unexpected results.'

      But the media/Obama administration doesn't make these predictions, they're predicted by economists. And generally, the official numbers on the predictions are determined through bipartisan efforts.

      And in reality, if these outlooks really were controlled by people with a hidden agenda, don't you think they would underball everything? Because really, at the end of the day which of these two scenarios makes the President look better:
      "Economic growth exceeds forecasts!"
      "Economic growth falls short of expectations!"

  2. Has anyone cleared the moving of the Marines to Guam with Hank Johnson (D-GA)? He is afraid that Guam could "become so heavily populated that it would tip over and capsize". Thank goodness we have such intelligent people looking out for us.

    1. No worse than seeing Russia from the backyard! :)

    2. Holy cow, I thought you were smarter than that RKen. Tina Fey said that not Palin. I am disappointed in you.

    3. Also, RKen, even if Palin had said that, NO, what Johnson said is much dumber. He apparently thinks that Guam is just a piece of floating land.

    4. The point is, the gaffs exist on both sides and to deny it or act like it only happens on one side is silly.

      Searching for and comparing them is just a waste of time that distracts from the actual, important issues in this country.

  3. RKen, what Hank Johnson said was not a gaffe. The moron actually thought an island would capsize and turnover. Watch the youtube clip. He had a genuine (although insane) concern that the island was going to turnover.

    A gaffe is mixing up what Tina Fey and Sarah Palin said. Thinking that the poor little island of Guam is just floating around in the ocean capable of turning over is a major malfunction in the old brain housing group.

    Oh yeah, my apologies for the lack of a cordial greeting and salutation earlier. I'm trying to get the heck out of here and go play in the sun. Hope you have a great weekend. You too LME, wherever you are.