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Thursday, March 29, 2012

March 29, 2012 - Morning Headlines

- Video of alleged Trayvon Martin shooter George Zimmerman is circling the internet and appears to show neither his face nor the back of his head is bloody. The unconfirmed video shows Zimmerman in the hours after the shooting (CNN):

- According to a CNN poll, Obama is widening his lead over Romney and Santorum in November (CNN):

- Rising star and Tea Party favorite Marco Rubio has endorsed Mitt Romney for the GOP nomination (Fox News):

- A NATO convoy in West Afghanistan was attacked yesterday. An Afghan soldier, 5 security guards, and 14 attackers were killed (ABC News):

- Sheldon Adelson, the wealthy casino magnate, and largest donor of Newt Gingrich's SuperPAC claims Newt Gingrich's campaign is "at the end of the line" (CBS News):


  1. I wanted to share this one if I may:

    Don't ya just love how the democrats cry about the 1% and money in politics, but their leader is the biggest money in politics guy out there.

    A few highlights: "But Obama, who faces no serious challenger for the Democratic nomination, has sunk his cash into an expansive brick-and-mortar operation with offices in nearly every state. His campaign has spent more than $135 million on operations through February, according to an Associated Press analysis of Federal Election Commission records. That's about $3 million more than all his GOP challengers combined."

    It seems he cares about nothing more than getting reelected. Personal power over people? Seems like it.

    And this: "A review of Obama's balance sheets reveals a small army of paid staffers trying to help the Democratic president win a second term. Campaign filings list more than 330 paid staffers in Chicago and 200 more spread across the country — payroll costs that exceed $6.3 million during the last two months alone."

    Do the math. That's 530 employees who got paid that for 2 months. That's an average salary of $71,000 per year. You know, it falls in line with that typical $33k per year US average.

    So, democrats, when you talk about "money in politics" look at the bank of Obama - if it looks like money and smells like the 1%, it is shady.

  2. OH NO! Rush Limbaugh called someone a slut, but there is no outrage for the promotion of mob violence by the black panther party? None?

    1. The Black Panthers just want justice, but not the same justice they received when they were charged with voter intimidation. If you recall, Eric Holder dropped the charges against them.

      Also, calling someone a slut is way worse than merely offering someone a bounty to commit a felony. This is nothing, at least the Black Panthers didn't put a target over a Congressional district they were hoping to pick up a seat in like that mean ole Sarah Palin did.

    2. U R kidding right? About the "slut" thing?

    3. Yes, I am kidding about the "slut" thing and Sarah Palin too. I think what the Black Panthers and Spike Lee are doing is disgusting and reprehensible, which I guess (since I am white) would make me a racist. Or is that only when I disagree with 0bama?

      Also, the 0bama regime is sating that the Republicans are politicizing the deal. Last I saw it was the 0bama regime selling 0bama 2012 hoodies and Democrats sporting hoodies on the floor of the House. Let's see it also seems like a prominent Democrat may have said if he had a son he would look like Trayvon. Oh yeah, that was 0bama too.

  3. Got another one:

    I'm getting a little tired of this: "Seemingly right on queue, Specter appeared on the MSNBC program "Morning Joe" on Tuesday and compared Republican presidential frontrunner Mitt Romney to an adult film actress, saying, "Mitt Romney has changed positions more often than a pornographic movie queen." The joke caused a startle on the set, with panelist Donny Deutsch quickly responding, "I did not say that. The great senator from the state of Pennsylvania said that."

    Of course, the press gives anyone who makes a negative Romney comment a pass without asking for verification. Can someone help me out? I'm tired of the media saying this S*** about Romney changing positions. I figured this blog, who seems to be big on backing things up, would be able to help answer. Someone, pleasE?! Can anyone give an example of what Arlen is talking about?

    1. Good morning,

      I agree in that the whole ‘flip-flopper’ thing is being blown way out of proportion, but at the same time I do see where he gets that reputation.

      Most of the contradictions appear in comparing his time as governor to his time now, running for president. As governor, he was a self-admitted pro-choice moderate just a few years ago. Now he’s campaigning as a pro-life “extremely conservative.”

      He’s also came out and spoken strongly against the Affordable Healthcare Act, despite it being extremely similar to his own plan.

      But, honestly I don’t think it’s out of line for people to change their opinions nor is it uncommon for there to be contradictions throughout a political career. Hindsight 20/20, and all that. That said, Mitt does seem to be a bit above average.

    2. Good afternoon RKen,

      With this, I would have to say I agree with ATjj1964. He claimed that people continually say that Mitt Romney flip flops, but no one gives examples (at least that's what I got). It's nothing against you, but you have the pro-choice example, but I haven't seen it at all. I've heard it as a talking point and/or headline, but I've seen no actual cited info backing this. As far as ACA, I don't see it as the same. He is the first guy to say, "yes, I created Romneycare... it's a state issue, I respect the 10th Amendment, and I am vehemently opposed to the ACA because I don't think this is a federal issue." He is not against ACA or Romneycare type programs on a state level. If he was, that would be a flip... (and even if it was, I don't see "flips" as that bad). If a CEO was heading a tanking company... he would naturally have to "flip" to change directions or fail. To me, the issue with Mitt is more media spinning. When people talk, like Specter did, I would like to see some "beef" behind these claims. The media constantly trumpets this, but without proof, it's hollow. Unfortunately, I think it's too late, and people are now plain believing it. To me, it's another example of the brainwashing similar to "American teachers making $40k pay 25% in taxes"... a claim that isn't factually true, and is even tax-wise impossible to have happen.

      Hope all is well :-)