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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

State of the Union 2012

#SOTU2012 on Twitter.

If you were the president, what would you say? Would you run on your record, or would you run on the future?

After The Speech:

What did you think?
Was this a strong speech? A weak speech?
Do you think this helps or hurts Obama in November?
Do you believe the plans Obama has put forth?
Was this a campaign speech?

How would YOU grade the speech? The republican response? Grade however you like (out of 10, A-F, etc.)... it's an open forum

Share any and all opinions below. Thank you!


  1. I predict a major campaign speech. It will be much of the same. Nothing new.

    Run on his record? HA!

    - I promised to close gitmo, reduce unemployment below 8% (it has NEVER happened)... and on and on and on and on

    What a joke. He is a one term president.

  2. Newt will beat ObamaJanuary 21, 2012 at 4:00 PM

    Obama has no chance. I really think this speech hurts him because after 4 years I think so many people will walk away from this going "oh geez, same ol same ol"

  3. I think it depends. While yes, he is definitely guilty of having many unfulfilled promises, the Democrat/Republic line is just as fierce as ever and without a really strong GOP candidate that could draw votes from liberals and independents, I think it could still very well be a toss up this year. The only one that possibly has the dem vote is Ron Paul but he isn't doing well in the polls so that might just put him out before the real race has begun.

    I think Obama should focus on the future. The past definitely isn't his strong point and with so much civil unrest happening with Tea Parties and OccuParties and government and police state talks, he should (despite what many call his big lie) talk about change... just not under that moniker. He needs to talk about bringing forth a true and honest government that can slowly repair the debt because there is no quick fix.

    I basically think he just needs to be honest about how much the government is broken right now and now how great things have been and will be. People see through the lies easily these days on both sides of the fence. So just tell it like it is.

  4. Nick -

    Good post.

    If Ron Paul runs as an Independent, I think the GOP candidate will win. If he doesn't, I agree with you that it's a toss up.

    Obama has to account for his past. I think he's going to talk alot about what he's tried to do without any cooperation from Boehner, McConnell, Cantor and Co. There's gonna be alot of 'obstructionist' type talk. I agree with your last point but it'll be interesting to see exactly which points he chooses. I wonder if he's going to pander to Paul voters - the ones who want the military reduced, not necessarily in size but in scope. I expect he'll talk about a more fair tax code (which Romney should ultimately get credit for since it's the fuss over his tax records that are bringing tremendous awareness to this issue) clear(er) of all the loopholes and disparities. I also hope he mentions Bernie Sanders' (I, VT) proposed constitutional amendment to reverse Citizens United {hit the Supremes with another bitch slap :)}. I would also like to hear him make a statement about Congress' immunity to insider trading laws.

    There's probably more I'd like to hear but it's getting close to 'go time'!

    I do also think it will have a campaigny tone?

  5. To all

    I also expect this to be a very campaigny speech. I expect plenty of "I inherited this" speech. I would say, how long is long enough? How long does he play that card? As far as obstructionist speech, yah, I expect that as well. I would counter with, can a leader still be a "good" leader if he gets nothing done but blames the other side for not working with him?

    I digress and get ahead myself. I shouldn't say anything yet, he hasn't given his speech. I will wait and be fair.

    But, my biggest problem already... and the more I hear it, the more it fires me up... Wolf Blitzer mentioned Mitt Romney's rate and uttered the FALSE words "he is paying 14% while many Americans are paying 25 and 30 percent." GRRRRRR This is NOT TRUE. I really wish the media would stop this. In fact, Wolf should just listen to one of his coworkers Jeanne Sahadi says at CNN Money in this article:

    I need to keep pasting this, though I feel I'm beating a dead horse. The article says, "That prompts many people to express disbelief: "What?! Most people pay a higher rate than that, don't they?"

    Actually, they don't.

    In fact, depending on how it's measured, Romney's effective tax rate is likely higher than what many, if not most, Americans pay."

    It continues, "But assuming he's correct, here's why his effective rate is probably higher than most people's: The effective tax rate is always going to be lower than one's top income tax rate. And the top rate for roughly four-fifths of Americans is 15% or less, said Roberton Williams, a senior fellow at the Tax Policy Center."

    "In other words, 80% of Americans have an effective rate below 15%."

    "If you consider income tax liability alone, the average effective federal tax rate for people with incomes between $40,000 and $50,000, for instance, is just 3.2%, according to Tax Policy Center estimates. (In measuring income, the center uses gross income and adds to it other forms of compensation, such as the money your employer contributes to your retirement savings.)"

    It's getting old. Stop it Wolf. Stop it mainstream media.

    1. Also, I can't stand the fact that he is using Warren Buffet's secretary as a pawn for is his speech.

  6. The answer to your first question is 'yes'. The trinity of Boehner, McConnell, and Cantor are not in the best interest of the GOP, in my opinion. I'm not sure they're obstructionists but they like to exercise their right to opposition (rightly or wrongly).

    If Obama wins, he should name the new tax structure the 'Romney Tax Code'... It is all this hoopla around his taxes, specifically, that may finally spur tax code changes.

  7. What the absolute F### planet does this guy live on? This is ridiculous. Government task forces going overseas? Favor-picking tax credits... highest oil production but the highest gas prices? Oy

  8. Mitt will crush youJanuary 24, 2012 at 6:51 PM

    Does anyone really believe this shit? Promise, promise, promise, blame Bush, promise...

    Obama: "I want your vote... so, if you promise to vote for me I will:"

    "make sure you get a $3,000 savings on your mortgage"

    "give you free health care"

    "give you free heating oil"

    "and make the rich pay for it all"

    Money in politics? Look at the man at the SOTU pulpit.

  9. LOL, a lot of it was Bush. Live with it. Unfortunately, I am far more worried about what you guys are pushing him into with Iran. Russia has already stated they will retaliate in response to any attack on Iran. Putin has an itchie trigger finger, just like you do. By December 2012, I believe none of this is going to matter a rats tail. Republicans are full of crap wanting to save the wealthy more and more putting the burden to support the military, law enforcement, education, and health on the middle class. If you don't want us to be a nation of have and have nots then those who have the most MUST take burden off those who have the least. That is hope and greater equality. Health care should be a right, not your right.

    Unfortunately, the Democrats continue to spend and spend in an effort to stimulate the economy despite the fact that that stimulus is leaving the country at ever increasing rates. Having foreign countries doing the construction jobs that our good people can do.

    I could go on and on, but I won't. We are all screwed no matter which party is in the House, Senate, and Whitehouse.

  10. I thought he was a weird kind of yellow orange color.

  11. C -

    Honestly, I'm a democrat. I was thinking "come on, really?!" All these programs and all these grand adventure ideas. Stop campaigning. He is just saying these warm, nice promises to get votes. He is way out of his league. I will not be voting in November.

  12. F-........he just continues to say the same old things. This guy is out in 2012!

  13. F-

    All I heard was how he can change what needs to be be withdrawn. He as POTUS does not have the authority. It is time Congress stood up and said "STOP! You will go no further!" It is time for Congress to grow a pair and start cleaning up the mess from the past three years of maeningless promises that could not work if they wanted to. This Country was founded on the people having the freedom to make our own choices, and it needs to be brought back. There are so many things on my list, I just have to stop. Can you tell I am not happy with this stupid speech. 236 years, and he has spent more in three years than all the remaining Presidents Combined. WOW, I would say thats one very good reason to fire him... John, FL