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Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Louisiana Republican Primary - March 24th, 2012

The GOP primary takes a turn to the bayou.

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This open forum post is designated to the Louisiana republican primary.

We know it's a Saturday, and we don't expect to get much traffic, but if you're around and you want to share your opinions and predictions, this forum is for you :-)

After Mitt Romney rolled to victory in Illinois, the week has taken a tumultuous turn. A quote by his senior advisor was taken out of context (READER'S POST #13 - Real Men Don't Play with Little Red Toys) and the press jumped on it. Rick Santorum wasn't in the clear from the out-of-context attacks, either. The press and many in the GOP jumped on him for insinuating that people should vote for Obama over Romney. Can either candidate shake these "gaffes" off? Who will it hurt the most? Recent polls have shown that Santorum has steadily carried double-digit leads over Romney in Louisiana.

Other Key Questions:

- Who do you think will win the Louisiana primary?
- Can Newt pick up some southern swag?
- Will Romney slough off the etch-a-sketch comment and surprise?
- Will the "vote for Obama over Romney" comment cause Santorum to lose his lead?
- Will Ron Paul have a strong finish in the state that neighbors Texas?
- Will anyone drop out after this primary?
- Can you predict who finishes where (percentages)?

Share your thoughts, predictions, opinions, analysis, etc. below. Thank you.


  1. First!

    Good morning all! I got this:

    Santorum is hurt MORE in the deep south by any kind of endorsement of Obama. I know that's not the case, but that's perception. The etch-a-sketch thing won't hurt Romney nearly as badly (especially after the Tea Party semi-backed/warmed to him). Newt is not pulling that much, and Paul isn't either. My places:

    Santorum - 37%
    Romney - 34%
    Gingrich - 19%
    Perry (yes, he is still on the ballot, and Jindal endorsed him) - 5%
    Paul - 5%

    Okay, I know we've all been saying it, but Newt is out after this primary.

  2. Santorum - 44%
    Romney 34%
    Gingrich 12%
    Paul - 10%

    Paul and Newt are ouuuuuttttt

  3. I believe Santorum takes this one with 44%.

    Romney 26%.
    Gingrich 20 - 22%
    Paul 8% or less.

    Will Ron Paul have a strong finish in the state that neighbors Texas? Hell, he wont even do well in his home state of Texas, so, no he will get his usual 8% or less.

    Will the "vote for Obama over Romney" comment cause Santorum to lose his lead? I highly doubt it. I felt that way a year ago.

    Will anyone drop out after this primary? I highly doubt that too. I think Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich want there to be no doubt about who the biggest loser is. Right now it's Paul hands down.