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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mitt Romney Wins Florida

We will update this post with the final numbers when they're fully tallied, but the main questions are:

What does this mean for Romney? The rest of the candidates?

Is the GOP nomination locked up?

When will the remaining candidates drop out?

Have the negative campaigns hurt Romney?

What do you make of the turnout in Florida?


Mitt Romney - 46.4%
Newt Gingrich - 31.9%
Rick Santorum - 13.3%
Ron Paul - 7.0%

Others - 1.4%

Onward to Nevada!


  1. What a speech!

  2. Looks like 4 more years of Obama

    1. Based on what? His record?

    2. If I may speak for the Anon poster, I think that it has more to do with how splintered the Republican party has become through this process.

      It will be interesting to see if the party as a whole will be able to unite for the sake of defeating Obama (which, for the record I highly disagree with the "anything but Obama" view, but that's another discussion). But right now, it doesn't look like they will. And as long as that’s the case, they will struggle to beat Obama.

      My prediction would be:

      - If Romney faces Obama, he will be able to get:
      *Some Democratic support
      *50/50 to majority of Independent votes
      *Fractured Republican support. Evangelicals, the tea party, and the far right are unlikely to support... because of his flip-flopping, religion, Romneycare, and mostly moderate views. This doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll vote for Obama, but it’s very possible they’ll just opt not to vote all together.

      If Newt faces Obama:
      *Next to no Democratic support
      *50/50 to minority of Independent voters, because extreme far right views and a history of bad baggage typically don't do well with Independents.
      *Fractured Republican support. Moderate Republicans are not likely to support him, nor will many that believe his baggage is far too great.

      Obama still has a large amount of support among Democrats and Independents, even though his approval ratings are questionable. And no doubt those numbers will only rise if the economy continues upward, and as he performs in debates (which he does excellent in).

      Additionally, while he doesn’t have the best overall record to run on, he has some very strong key points that he can work with and win many people over on (the fact that Congress is a do-nothing disaster right now, Al Qaeda is weaker than ever, troops are out of Iraq, car industry is back, etc)

  3. Romney can't beat Obama

    1. Maybe not, but he is the only Republican who stands a chance to pick up enough votes from the decisive swing voters who are neither reactionary Republican nor liberal Democrat. Don't kid yourselves. That is the group that really decides who the President will be since the named parties no longer function as anything but megaphones for their worst parts on both ends of the spectrum. As a life long Republican, it's nice to see we actually may have won our party back.

  4. To all (Anonymous posters, Rken, Gary, Fbcx) - Since both opinions are expressed by everyone here, I figured I'd try to address all of them at once :-)

    For those that say "Romney can't beat Obama," in all honesty, there is a part of me that thinks no one can. It's sad, but I believe the media will do anything it can to make sure Obama is re-elected. He can do no wrong. But, I ask you, what is your assessment based on? I ask because many recent polls show Romney in a dead heat with or beating Obama.

    As for backing... yes, I hope Romney could win, but here is an interesting take of how the election would go based on Obama's approval numbers:

    Yes, we at this blog are conservative and yes, we are hoping Obama does not win. Unfortunately, I think the media is too powerful. Mitt does seem like a viable candidate, but, I do ask, is the negative damage Newt is doing going to hurt too much? It seems that Newt's stance is "if I can't bring this ship into port, well, I'm just going to burn the whole damn ship!"

    Thank you to all... hope to hear back from you soon.