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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Listen to OpinioNation LIVE at 10:00PM EST Tonight!

Listen to me (Mike - LME), AmyBruceand host, Jon Rollingsas we discuss Cyprus, guns, CPAC, and anything we want! You won't want to miss it! Click the image to listen in:

(the Live365 radio panel will be on the right - it says "The 405 Radio - Live Stream")

 This is a great opportunity for you to share your thoughts. Our show is your platform. Call us at 877-297-8022, and you'll promptly be put on the air. Engage the panel, share your views, or ask a question to our listeners. We hope to hear from you.

 Finally, be sure to stick around for our final, lightning-round segment The Bottom Line.

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  1. This sequester thing is a joke. It's amazing all the gloom and doom they spoke of and all the things we will have to cut spending for. Yet we miraculously have $500 MILLION for the Palestinian authority, $200 MILLION in aid for Jordan for Syrian refugees, another cool million for two separate one night 5 star hotel stays for VP Biden, and their is just enough money in the Secret Service budget to send the 0bama girls to the Bahamas for Spring break. Weren't they just skiing in Colorado last month? And in Hawaii the month before that?

    Too bad they don't have the money to keep the White House tours open.