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Friday, October 26, 2012

Team Obama's "My First Time" Ad

Here is the new controversial ad from Team Obama: #MyFirstTime

Does anyone see a problem with this? Is Obama's campaign seriously comparing voting for Obama to a young woman losing her virginity? Is this how democrats view women? That when they vote, it's like a hook-up? That voting for your unquestioned, unchecked king is something sensual? That they chastise republicans for a "war on women" and wanting to take away women's rights, but "hey, voting for us is like sex! Bring it on!?" Lena Dunham, in the clip, says that voting caused her to go from being a girl to a woman. Come on!

Honestly, in my opinion, this ad lacks class. Mixing sex, especially when sensitivities are high from recent statements about rape and sexuality in general have been made, with voting seems to be going too far. Yes, this is done by Team Obama. It's on their barackobamadotcom YouTube channel.

But maybe I'm way off on this one. I don't have kids, but I'm curious how mothers feel about this. How does the mother of a 16-18 year old feel about the innuendos in this ad. I'm not religious, but how do religious fathers of teenage daughters feel about this ad? I think, personally, that the ad sinks to a new low in campaigning. And, of course, I predict the media won't even make this a story. Can you imagine the media outrage if the GOP dared to put something like this out?

What do you think? Am I way off? Please share your opinions below. Happy Friday!


  1. Oh My Goodness!! This ad is absolutely appalling. I actually thought at first that she was talking about sex and I thought it was going to be a pro contraceptive commercial to help support Obamacare. When she started talking about voting I shared your thoughts, voting for Barack Obama is like losing your virginity. What a ballsy statement to make, this goes along with his “I ended the war in Iraq,” “I killed Usama Bin Laden.” Obama really thinks that he is above it all. Now just like you, I am not a father but you better believe if I was how extremely upset I would be. Team Obama likes to push the buttons and see how far they can take it. The only problem is that media in general does not hold them accountable and so they get away with everything.

  2. To all the crying lefties out there who were upset with Richard Mourdock's or Todd Akin's comments: what if for your first time, you were raped? Are you a second class citizen because your first time wasn't idea like the girl in this ad is claiming it should be? "Vote for Obama, it will be as glorious as a wonderful first lay."


  3. First of all: The 'girl' in this ad is 26 yrs. old and this is her 'first time' voting? Obama ran four (l-o-n-g)years ago - why didn't she vote for 'the won' back then? Oh, that's right... 'I wasn't ready.' What a joke!

    I'm a mom, and a grandma and's pretty repulsive, but I'm not really surprised. These 'people' are all about the tactile. In the 60's they were the 'if it feels good - do it' crowd. They have ZERO depth... soulless and lost.

    THIS Obama is the MONSTER who voted AGAINST the Born Alive Bill; a law that would allow care for second and THIRD trimester babies, born ALIVE in botched abortions... he voted against it TWICE. Who when asked if he supports Partial Birth Abortion - a gruesome, barbaric procedure in which the near-term, LIVING baby is delivered - all but the head; the 'doctor' then inserts a scissors INTO the skull and pulverizes the infant's brain and spinal chord - Obama answered: 'I'm pro-choice.'

    What these phony 'war on women' fanatics don't get: Statistically - HALF of those children are FEMALE.

  4. That's pretty much one of the weirdest, most uncomfortable political ad I've ever seen. At a loss for words.