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Monday, October 29, 2012

October 29, 2012 - Morning Headlines

- As Hurricane Sandy barrels down on the Eastern Seaboard, track the storms potential path and follow news updates at the major news websites:

     - CNN:

     - Fox News:

     - ABC News:

- The touchy case of police dog searches and the Fourth Amendment is about to get a review by the Supreme Court (NBC News):

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  1. Everyone stay safe in the storm; best wishes.

  2. LME usually updates the site by now. I hope all is with with you, LME and Rken and Whatsamattausa (and anyone else in the path of the storm).

    I know I will be anxiously checking the site throughout the day looking for updates from LME, RKen and Whatsamattausa. I sure hope you guys and your families are OK.

  3. Thank you to everyone for the concern. I too wish everyone a good day, and I hope those that were in the way of the storm were safe and sound.

  4. Appreciate the concern as well, slim, thanks.

    Things didn't end up getting too bad in RI, but sadly can't say the same for many places further south. Hope everyone else here is doing OK.

    1. Glad to hear you guys are OK. Whatsamattausa lives in the direct path I believe. Hope all is well with him.

  5. Slim - Thanks for your concern! :)

    I and my family made it through safely and without loss. It was a nasty storm for sure and the NJ beaches are destroyed. My dad has a house near Atlantic City which we know was flooded. We just don't know how badly. Access to the barrier islands hasn't been opened so we're in wait and see mode.

    I hope everyone else got through without and loss!