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Friday, October 19, 2012

October 19, 2012 - Morning Headlines

- President Obama went on The Daily Show and defended his administration's response to the attacks in Libya (ABC News):

- President Obama and Mitt Romney dropped the gloves and "squared off" in comic fashion, hurling jokes instead of debate one liners, at the Alfred E. Smith Catholic charity dinner last night (CBS):;leadHed

- A suspected Al Qaeda suicide bomb attack on a Yemeni army base has killed 26 (13 Yemeni soldiers and 13 Al Qaeda militants) (NBC News):

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  1. “If four Americans get killed, it’s not optimal,” Obama said.

    Of course it's not "optimal" it's "bumps in the road". And people have their panties in a wad over "binders full of women"?

    Wow, what a great game this weekend, LME....Ravens @ Texans. Ray Rice vs Arian Foster.

    Cowboys may get lucky this week at Carolina. I am afraid my Vols will get thumped Saturday though by the Alabama Crimson Tide. 'Bama thumps everybody though.

    Have a great weekend LME.

    1. 32slim32 - I do agree with the sentiment here. Dead Americans is just a bump, but "binders of women" is the new craze. This, of course, (documented well by is propagated by the mainstream media.

      I do think the Ravens vs Texans game is the game of the week. Though you might not know, the Buffalo Bills are my #1 team. I follow the Ravens religiously, but for me, if I had to put them on a scale, it's close: Buffalo Bills: 100, Ravens 99.5 :-)

      I have Tony Romo as a QB on my fantasy team, so I have to root for him. Yah,... I'm sorry... I do think 'Bama will thump them, too. And let it be known, a certain hero in Vol country, Mr. Manning, is by far, my favorite QB of all time. I'm a big Manning fan, and I absolutely think he is the best QB of all time.

      You have a great weekend yourself, 32slim32!