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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

September 5, 2012 - Morning Headlines

- During the first night of the Democratic National Convention, speakers took aim at Mitt Romney (CNN):

- A gunman killed one and injured another at a midnight victory rally for Quebec's newly elected premier (ABC News):

- The Pentagon is alleging a newly-released book by a Navy SEAL who participated in the raid that killed Osama Bin Laden released classified material (Fox News):

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  1. With 22 staff and 17 lavish vacations behind her I just have to wonder how it is that Michelle Obama connects with the real world where 23 million Americans are unemployed and 46 million are on food stamps.

  2. Britt Hume said they were trying to 'out-destitute' each other... Each and every speaker hailed government as the be-all end-all of their successes. There was not ONE mention of personal choices and/or personal responsibility.

    The Mayor of San Antonio bashed Romney after telling the sad story of his grandma... and her hard work in menial jobs. It's a great story of a woman who DID pull herself up by her OWN bootstraps and succeeded in America.

    I know I'll get called 'racist' but in that she quite obviously came here illegally - and the jobs he described for her are usually paid in CASH, I'd be curious to know whether or not she EVER paid any taxes.

    You know those pesky things that PAY for the schools - so your offspring can go on to succeed - and end up on stage at the DNC bashing their opponents.