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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

READER'S POST #19 - Where's Waldo... And Obama?

By: 32slim32

Remember when that horrible, evil George Bush (who didn’t care about black people) didn’t go to New Orleans for two days after hurricane Katrina? Well, he flew over two days after because there was nowhere to land. He returned the next day. Remember all the outrage?

That makes you think that a president that actually cared about black people (you know, a Democrat) would be there much sooner. Right?

Hurricane Isaac hit the gulf coast late Tuesday evening. Where was President 0bama? Well let’s go to and check his itinerary for the days following the hurricane?

Tuesday August 28th as the storm was bearing down on the gulf coast President was 0bama was campaigning at Iowa State University and then on to Colorado State University.

Wednesday August 29th the President was campaigning in Charlottesville, VA.

Thursday August 30th the President received the daily presidential briefing at 10:30 AM then had lunch with Vice President Biden at 12:30. That was his full schedule for the day according to the transparent website.

Friday August 31st the President flew to El Paso, TX to speak to the troops and flew back to the white house.

Ironically, also on Friday August 31st, Mitt Romney actually went to Louisiana prompting the 0bama regime to announce that they have scheduled a visit to Louisiana on Monday September 3rd. Their original plan was to attend a campaign event in Ohio then fly to Louisiana for a photo op to display his great humanitarianism and compassion.  They later cancelled the Ohio campaign stop. I suppose they figured that even super ignorant 0bama voters may see the blatant hypocrisy in that.

Do you remember the earthquake in Haiti? 0bama was Johnny on the spot, or should I say Barry on the spot for that. Heck he even got an early start that morning. He was making a speech at 10:20 AM… the following morning. If you review the Presidents daily schedule you will see it is quite common for him to receive the daily briefing at 10:30 AM, so he was getting an early start that day.

If you live along the gulf coast and are excited about 0bama’s visit Monday, thank Mitt Romney. Had he not gone to Louisiana 0bama may never have gone. But then again, why would he waste his time there? It’s not like has a chance of winning the 9 Electoral College votes of Louisiana or the 6 votes of Alabama. Let them eat cake… mud cakes. 

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  1. Great post slim! Truth always has a way of shining through. If the media doesn't cover it, loudmouths like you will!

    Keep it up!

  2. Hi Slim,

    No worries... I'm sure The Won will find some way to blame the delay... on Bush.

  3. Howdy all!
    Slim - Are you seriously equating the damage between Katrina and Isaac? Presidents don't show up because of a little rain but they should be there promptly when an entire city/region is devastated. The 'nowhere to land' line is a load of it. He has a military that somehow got there and I'm pretty sure the Commander in Chief is allowed to use those resources.

    There are lots of valid points to hit Obama on but this is a non-issue.