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Thursday, September 27, 2012

September 27, 2012 - Morning Headlines

- Market watchers, law enforcement, and Spanish citizens alike wait as Spain prepares to release the details of its budget proposal (CNN):

- Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has suggested that the recent attack on the American consulate in Benghazi, Libya was the work of Al Qaeda (Fox News):

- After many mistakes and fan heartaches, the regular NFL referees will return to work on Sunday (ABC News):

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  1. Thank goodness the regular referees are back. I can actually watch football this weekend. I suffered through the first two weeks but I didn't watch a whole quarter combined of all the games last week (Thur, Sun, Sun Night, Mon Night).

    I can live with the bad calls but goodness gracious make the call (good, bad or otherwise) in under a half an hour (OK maybe I exaggerate a bit) and let's get on to the next play. With the review of every score and turnover, coach's challenges, and the referees lack of understanding of NFL rules these games seem like they take forever. Or is it just me?

    I'm sure the regular refs will be cheered, loved and appreciated...until they blow (or miss) the first call for the home team. Football fans are kind of funny that way.

    Go Ravens (well tonight anyway). Man, how about that Torrey Smith? What a tragedy. What an awesome performance Sun Night. His second TD is one of the few plays I actually saw this week.

    1. Slim -

      You are right on. The games ARE taking forever due to the ineptitude of the referee's. I'll still complain about some of the calls they make but the game will move along at a regular pace and I doubt that an interception will be called a game winning touchdown for the other team. I'd like to see them announce the officiating crew tonight like they would a starting line-up... the ovation would be incredible!

      Agreed about Torrey Smith. I don't think I could have done it.

      Go Ravens tonight but Go Eagles forever (and please would some defensive player please treat Mike Vick like he'd treat a pit bull that can't fight to his standard... yes, I'm a hater and no, I won't get over it!)

      Slim - Titans fan?

    2. Whatsamattausa, am I a Titans fan? No, not really. I am much worse....a Cowboys fan. It's kind of funny you hate your QB. I hate the owner of my team. I was a Cowboys fan long before Jerry Jones bought the Cowboys.

    3. That's right, I think you told us that before. I too hate the owner of your team (well, quite frankly, I hate everything about your team)! :)

    4. Most other fans of NFC East teams hate my beloved Cowboys too. LOL. It's OK though, I hate the Eagles, Redskins & Giants.

      I guess since the Eagles and Giants can't BOTH lose this week. Good luck Sunday whatsamattausa.

  2. I love the football talk! Slim, I hate to go against you here, but I can't stand the Cowboys... I grew up a Bills fan (I'm from the Buffalo originally), so after 2 straight losses in the SuperBowl... grrr.

    For me, I know futility. I love the Bills, but I will admit, I love the Ravens, too. Now that I've lived near Baltimore for 9 years, I've fallen in love with the football culture in this town. So now I always say it's Bills - 100, Ravens - 99. :-)

    And the Bills v Patriots is on national TV Sunday. Holy s*** go Bills! LOL

    Hope you guys have a great weekend. Debates on Wednesday!

    1. LME. As far as those two Super Bowl wins goes, I had to suffer through a 1-15 season followed by a 3-13 season that was followed by a mediocre season before they started winning playoff games.

      I was a Cowboys fan when Roger Staubach was the QB. I go way back on being a Cowboys fan. I can't quit liking them even though one of the world's largest sphincters owns them.

      Go Bills this weekend too.

      Have a great weekend.