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Friday, September 21, 2012

September 21, 2012 - Morning Headlines

- As more anti-American protests erupt in the Middle East, US embassies are closing for precautionary reasons (CNN):

- The last of the 33,000 "surge" troops sent to Afghanistan 2 years ago are coming home (Fox News):

- Mitt Romney has seized the opportunity to claim that President Obama's "you can't change Washington from the inside" remark shows that Obama is weak (CBS News):

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  1. Good morning everyone. The Obama quote here is, to me, not much different from the recent Romney 47% quote. Though I disagree with what both men said in their respective quotes, the snippet(s) of each that are making the rounds are out of context. Though I think Romney should try to convince the 47%, he doesn't think he can and won't try. I find that to be not very presidential. Is he saying that he won't be able to change the minds of D's in Congress so why bother trying? Likewise, Obama was giving a sort of 'power to the people' answer. Though, he could start changing DC from the inside by not hiring lobbyists and corporate shills... That might be a good place to start.

    Again, I think both quotes have been taken out of context and made bigger than they are. That being said, I think they were both stupid comments to make.

    1. Whatsamattausa – good morning.

      I gotta admit, I pretty much agree with you on this(except on the non-presidential part – since his quote was taken out of context).

      Both sides have taken this out of context. I think it’s foolish for Obama’s team to call out Mitt on what he said (as they usually do) when it is out of context. I do think Obama has more of an “army” in this since the media will absolutely spin it to the left’s favor. I don’t’ think, however, that Romney should play the same game. I really wish he would stick to more relevant issues such as how Obama has failed to right the ship economically. That’s the message that needs to be spread. If Romney sticks to truth and fact, his case is easier. Playing in the mud does nothing for anyone. Regardless, he was right: no matter how good Romney is or how bad Obama is, there is a large group of people that would vote for Obama. Additionally, and I have to say this because I’m a fan of truth, According to MSNBC, Mitt Romney did basically utter the same words of “you can’t change Washington from the inside.” Right now, I can’t find the link, but I did see an MSNBC article from 2008 when he was talking with John McCain. If I can get to it, I will post it.

      Regardless, he should stick to cold, hard, economic facts.

    2. Gee... Pobody's Nerfect! Presidential candidates are human and they make mistakes... whoda thunk it?

      The issue here is the MSM covered up and deflected any and all mistakes that Obama made back in '08 (and prior) in their sickening worship of their new messiah. Funny how they can STILL 'dig up' stuff on Romney in short order, but attempt to bury ANYTHING that MIGHT REVEAL the TRUE agenda of The Won... until AFTER the election of course.

      Personally, I think we should outlaw lobbyists' ability to transfer funds (donate) to those in power in order to sway votes in their favor... out here in the 'real world' we call that bribery.

      so I was pretty happy when - during the campaign, Obama BASHED lobbyists and stated he'd have NONE in his administration - Took him, what six weeks? to hire a buttload of his lobbyist cronies FOR HIS ADMINISTRATION along with a BUNCH of made-up jobs for his corporate cronies - and big donors and their relatives... nice 'transparency', huh!

      Even w/o the background, chock FULL of Communist 'mentors' and 'friends' we NOW have on the Liar-in-Chief, anyone who was NOT blinded by his rhetoric; who actually LISTENED to his WORDS should have KNOWN he was a Socialist with hard Marxist leanings...

      Heck, Time had the cover - 'We're All Socialists Now' His ENTIRE presidency has been nothing BUT Communist class warfare and 'share the wealth'... Boursuasie v. the Proletariat.

      Most of the D's in Congress are ALSO ADMITTED socialists... in '10 we removed a bunch of them along with RINO's and replaced them with conservatives to put a STOP to that agenda. Bash them all you want for their failure to 'compromise'... They're doing what we SENT them to do. We've been there, done that with the 'compromises' - we end up WORSE OFF than we were before with their Wimpy 'I'll gladly pay you Thursday for a hamburger today' scenario of - Tax now and Cut Spending later - when WE'RE out of office. The cut not only NEVER come - but the SPENDING GOES UP!

      And no, it's NOT just the D's - hence the housecleaning of RINO's (more to come, we hope)

      'Power to the people'? 67% of the 'people' DID NOT WANT OCARE! Still don't! Even with a SUPER MAJORITY IN BOTH HOUSES it had to be rammed through with bribes and backdoor deals in the dark of night on Christmas EVE for cryin' out loud!

      The problem with the 'mistakes' made on both sides: MSM ran Romney's 34 times in two days... Obama's 6 in the same time frame.

    3. LME - I should have been more balanced in my comment. I think that what Obama said, too, lacked presidentiality (nice one huh?). I agree with you that Romney should focus on his message.

      Dara - You and I are in agreement on lobbyists, they're presence is the guiding hand in the ruination of this country.

      I don't remember the health care law being slammed through. I remember it was done before recess but I don't remember it being this ugly back door thing (and when I say that, I'm referring to acts such as the GOP took in the Schiavo case - and I'm not bringing that up as a Dem vs GOP thing, just as an example of something I find extremely shady). Back door deals are made but that's the DC way. BTW - while we're outlawing lobbyists, can we also outlaw riders/amendments? 1 bill, 1 vote anyone???

      Yes, 'power to the people' was clearly his intent in the speech. I'm interested in the 67% number. Do you have a source for that? As we were talking about polls and how they are asked, I wonder if people were asked if they want a mandate or how that number was derived. Also, when you use the term MSM, who/what is that comprised of? It is a vague reference and one that is used often here.

      Naive question - What is 'RINO'? I've seen it used over the last couple of days and have never heard it before.

    4. RINO = Republican In Name Only, which is what some of the further right GOP members call the more moderate members of the party.

    5. A 'swing vote' CongressCritter gets a sly trip on AF1 - a 'promise' (later broken) that abortion would NOT be included in Ocare and 'tahh-dahh' a changed vote... a Christmas Eve passage... a big f*ing deal... how quickly they forget.

      Wow! Another agreement! I see absolutely NO reason for ANY bill to include more than one item/issue. You want more stuff - write another bill! It's not as though Congress is afraid of wasting paper... lol

      NO! The snakes like to HIDE unrelated stuff in bills, KNOWING that MOST CongressCritters NEVER READ THEM. 'We have to pass the bill - to find out what's in it.' Nancy Pelosi.

      I can't find the numbers from '10, but this is Ocare popularity today:

      All that said, the Ocare bill is but one instance of a too big bill, with too much unrelated stuff in it... to pick it apart and keep the 'popular stuff' would be a total nightmare IMO... We DO need reform; let's start with tort reform and h/c purchase across state lines : ) Repeal the WHOLE thing - and replace it.

      All of the alphabet networks are MSM. CNN is a 'bit' more balanced - but the rest? they're ALL in the tank for the left.

      RINO = Republican In Name Only - 'go along to get along' career politicians with NO scruples or values - whose ONLY agenda - is their NEXT election.

    6. I don't remember that about Ocare but I'll take your word for it. I don't mind that abortion is in there but I know your position on it and can understand why that would be such a bugaboo. I didn't pay much attention to the passage of Ocare as I thought it was half-assed (I'm for universal healthcare but I think you know that) and the mandate boggles my mind.

      100% Dara... no reason AT ALL! Such a bill should be a unanimous vote and anyone who would vote against it shouldn't be in office, just as those who act as obstructionists to public records should not be in office. Anyone who would/does do that shouldn't be in office as they clearly do not have the public's best interest in mind (hope I'm not pushing it, we've agreed twice in the last 24 hours :)). But that's another topic.

      Thanks to you also Dara... we were typing at the same time!

      Have a great weekend!

    7. re: Abortion - and this is neither for nor against, just a simple observation.

      Judge Napalitano said something interesting the other day on Jerry Doyle. Although it was initially set up as a 'government retirement savings acct' supposedly 'untouchable', Social Security TODAY is based on a model of X amount of citizens working and paying in to support those retired.

      At the time of its inception the average family produced 3.5 children. Since the passage of Rowe v. Wade, approximately one million citizens +/- have been deleted from the possible work force, while at the same time - the baby boomers just kept growing older and the size of the average family dropped - to 1.5 kid per.

      TWO moves by the Federal Government - that in practice - counteract each other...

      Is it any wonder that SS is in trouble?

  2. Just a quick thought with all of these protests throughout the Middle East. What if we had no American presence in these places? What would those people do if they had no American icon, locally, to direct their anger at. I wonder...

    1. Syria... and it's not 'just Americans' these 'radical Islamists' claim to hate and seek to destroy.

      I only saw ONE American on this list.

      I recently read another article where a village of Muslims, on an island, lived in abject fear of being attacked by another group of Muslims. The villagers were another sect, who practiced the belief a 'bit differently' with stone statues and other sacred artifacts.

      This enraged the other group and they had attacked them previously, killed some of the villagers and tried to destroy their stuff, before being driven off.

      [my internet connection is acting up, so I can't access the link right now : ( ]

      So you see - it's not an American icon that enrages these protesters and terrorists... it's ANYONE who believes differently.

      We, in the West, mistake Islam for a religion. WE need to understand - it is NOT 'just a religion' like Mormonism or Catholicism. It IS a complete political and social dogma - that is BASED on a very rigid, unforgiving faith and ruled by Sharia Law.

  3. @LME I agree that Romney needs to focus on the economy, which I believe is his strong suit...BUT Do you really think - with the MSM in the bag for Obama - that he CAN simply 'take the lickin' - from the O campaign AND the MSM - and 'keep on tickin'?

    With that bunch - he's damned if he DOES respond to some ass-inine, twisted claim made about him and double-damned if he DON'T.

    When he was quiet last weekend, the Rachael MadCows and the Chris 'thrill up my leg' Matthews' JUMPED on the opportunity to get ALL busy with their, 'Romney campaign in shambles'.. 'this race is over, he should just drop out and avoid the rush' scenarios.

    The FACT that mere HOURS after the Middle East burst into flame... Obama chose to fly to Vegas - a city he'd previously DEMONIZED - to beg for campaign money; the FACT it was CLEAR to anyone the attacks WERE NOT a result of the 'movie' but PREPLANNED by KNOWN terrorists - were glossed over and/or neglected entirely.

    We, in the grassroots, do our best to battle these attacks on Romney - and we DO get some help from conservative talk radio. But, when the candidate HIMSELF can't, won't or doesn't respond we're left pretty much adrift.

    Obama spends day after day on the campaign trail MOCKING Romney AND the conservative, tighten our belts, small government message - and pushing his big government 'redistribution' 'free stuff for YOU' agenda... that mocking tone and HIS agenda are picked up and beat like a big bass drum on ALL of the MSM networks - FREE OF CHARGE.

    *sigh* what's a Constitutional conservative to do?

    Fight BACK - that's what!

    The show's NOT over till the fat lady sings...!

    Okay, end of rant : ) Have a great weekend!