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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mitt Romney has a Women Problem? What About Obama's Men Problem?

We've heard it over and over and over again: "Women voters favor Barack Obama." Or "Mitt Romney has a problem with women voters." Or the big one: "Gender gap!"

A "problem?" A "gap?" Nice word choices. Of course, this is heavily broadcast in the liberal media. Any time they can put out a headline that lines up "problem" and "Romney," they will happily jump on the chance. This headingling of a gender gap is the "effect" of the media-induced "war on women". Yes, the fake war on women is the "cause," so to speak.

But I ask: when defining this problem, what stat are people looking at? Take a look at this recent CBS general election poll released yesterday:

It shows:

Women favor Obama 51% to 41% - 10 percentage points.
Men favor Romney 49% to 40% - 9 percentage points.

So somehow, Mitt Romney is having a "problem" getting women's votes with a 10-point deficit, and the liberal mainstream media is headlining this "gender gap," but they're not calling out the nearly identical gender gap problem with the male vote for Obama? Hmmm...

Or what about this recent CNN/ORC poll from August 23rd. Check out page 20:

It shows:

Women favor Obama 54% to 42% - 12 percentage points.
Men favor Romney 53% to 43% - 10 percentage points.

These are two examples of recent polls that show the "gender gap" in favor of Obama is very close to the gender gap in favor of Romney. Of course, the media won't tell you that. I could go on about this. But I think should do for now, and hopefully I'll be able to post more about this as these polls come out in the home stretch. Please share your thoughts below.


  1. It's not just women the LSM, particularly MSNBC, claim Republican hate. It's minorities as well. And when shown that they're not telling the truth - they deceive their viewers to make their point.

    I held my nose and switched channels when the speeches were done - ya know, to see what the other side was up to. It made me think 'And WE'RE the ones who hate women?'

    Chris Matthews' and his co-horts 'review' of Ann Romney's speech was despicable to say the least...

    and minorities?

    Current TV was (and still is) running two 'documentaries' back to back. Becoming Barrack and The Mormon Candidate. I couldn't watch but a few minutes of either one. From the few minutes I did watch of the first - I noted three lies re: O's 'professorship', etc. The second was more about polygamists - which the Mormon church ITSELF condemns, and touting the religion as a cult.

    Note: It kind of tickles me that the left, with their 'do whatever feels good' attitude toward all things sexual, would bash the practice of polygamy... particularly since O's dad practiced it with such unbridled zeal.

    So far, IMO the RNC convention has been up-beat and positive...