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Thursday, August 30, 2012

August 30, 2012 - Morning Headlines

- In his first formal introduction to the country, Vice President nominee Paul Ryan ignited the Republican National Convention:

     NBC News:

     Fox News:

     ABC News:

- In Florida, a three-judge panel has determined that the man accused of murdering teenager Trayvon Martin deserves a new judge in his case (CBS News):

- What is left of hurricane Isaac, now a tropical storm, moves inward through central Louisiana (USA Today):

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  1. I thought Paul Ryan's speech was good but I was actually more impressed with Gov. Susana Martinez. What a great story.

    I also liked Gov. Pawlenty's line. You know the one where he said it was OK for 0bama to fail since most people fail at their first job. I thought that was funny.

  2. 32Slim32 Good morning!

    I really liked Ryan's speech. As I've said... he has nuts (pardon my French). He calls it like it is.

    I liked Mrs. Martinez's speech, too. I thought it was effectual and relatable.

    As far as Condi's - I really liked this speech, but I can see how many people wouldn't. I think she is such an academic, she tends to forget that most Americans aren't up to her level.

    I have to say I disagree with Pawlenty's speech in general. Yes, that line was funny, but I didn't think he brought as many hard meat and potatoes to the conversation.

    I know, I know... it's rare that you and I disagree, but it happens :)

    1. Good morning LME. I didn't hear all of Pawlenty's speech. I had just got home from my small business that apparently I didn't build. I was either just getting in or out of the shower. I heard that one line of his speech. I had to look at the TV to see who said it because it made me laugh (and I knew it would ruffle a lot of liberals feathers--which made it even funnier). I didn't hear Condi's speech at all. I think Mike Huckabee came on after Pawlenty, didn't see much of that either.

      I wasn't trying to detract from Ryan. I guess I was more impressed with Gov Martinez because that was my first time ever seeing her. I know of Paul Ryan and he wasn't a big surprise to me (and yes he has a lot of testicular fortitude). She was a huge surprise to me since I had never heard of her.

      She is why I turned the channel to MSLSD. I was wondering if they were showing her speech. Once the MSDNC panel of idiots began talking (after Ryan's speech) I turned the channel. I listened to those buffoons for about 5 minutes and that was all I could take.

    2. Very cool! I know you weren't pulling away from Ryan's speech :-)

      I also didn't know you were a business owner. What do you do? If it's private, by all means, do not say it here. I totally understand.