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Thursday, July 26, 2012

July 26, 2012 - Morning Headlines

- The Senate has voted to accept the democrats' tax plan proposals while rejecting the proposals of the GOP (CNN):

- Colorado movie murder suspect James Holmes sent a detailed and gruesom letter/notebook to a local psychiatrist prior to his murderous rampage (Fox News): 

- In part of his speech to the National Urban League in New Orleans, Louisiana, President Obama expressed his views on gun violence (CBS News):

- The historic drought currently ravaging most of the US could cost as much as $12 billion (USA Today):

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  1. - In part of his speech to the National Urban League in New Orleans, Louisiana, President Obama expressed his views on gun violence

    The gun rights part was just more blah, blah, blah - because he knows that pushing more restrictive stuff - openly - would be bad for him... he prefers to stay 'under the radar.'

    More interesting was this:

    'Obama announced that he would sign an executive order on Thursday that creates a new office to bolster the education of African-American students. The White House says the office will coordinate the work of communities and federal agencies to ensure that these youngsters are better prepared for high school, college and career.'

    ANOTHER E.O? for ANOTHER new office?

    Accountable ONLY to The Won?

    Paid for HOW? Tax dollars (of course)...

    AND ONLY for 'African-American' kids?

    It's official! The inmate is running the asylum.

    1. Hey Dara. I am amused by all the calls for more gun control. The guy had like 30+ grenades and we are talking about 6,000 bullets and 100 round clips. What if he had taken just one of those grenades and tossed it in that theater (thank God he didn't)? Why aren't there calls for tighter grenade laws?

      Have you seen Mayor Bloomturd's statement about the police going on strike nationally until citizens get rid of guns? In his ignorant rantings he claims cops are unsafe because of armor piercing rounds. Where in the world did that come from? I thought the murderer in CO was wearing body armor not using armor piercing rounds. Oh well Bloomturd is dumber than a box of rocks.

      Armor piercing rounds are only available to the police and military. But then again, I don't know that you can legally buy grenades as a citizen. I bet they would work great for fishing though (just kidding).

    2. The argument I think the left can't beat:

      - Will making guns illegal stop people from getting them? Well, drugs are illegal. Bank robberies are illegal.

      So no.

  2. Hi Slim,

    The last time I heard, you could buy grenades at Army Surplus. Personally, I don't know why anyone would want one... except maybe for fishing... : ) I don't think it was legal but in Oregon, the ol' Golmers would sometimes use them to 'blowback' boomer dens that infringed on their ponds and irrigation ditches. A boomer - not native to the U.S. - is like a giant gopher, and very destructive. (think Jack Russel terrier sized rodent!)

    The Madlib Media heard the dirt-bag was wearing body armor and ASSUMED the rounds he used were armor piercing, and now they're blabbing it as fact. I've heard nothing official of the sort, although the reports of shrapnel might lead me to believe they might have been hollow-points, which tend to break apart on impact... But it's been reported that the rifle jammed early on, so that may have been big buckshot. Again no one official has said.

    Nothing Bloomie says surprises me anymore. And here's the deal with MOST cases, they can not PREVENT some joker with murderous intent from killing you (if you are unarmed - and you let them)...The police get called in AFTER you've bitten the big one, draw their chalk-lines around your cold dead form and work to find the 'perp'.

    Cops have a saying that I happen to agree with: I prefer to be judged by twelve - to being carried by six.

    The original purpose of our 2nd Amendment was NOT hunting... it was to enable us to defend ourselves - from the government! The lefties scream and holler that we don't need a large magazine for shooting deer - which is true, as deer are seldom armed with Ouzies. However, in the event that what you're shooting at - has shot at you first - and appears to have LOTS of bullets - then perhaps a large magazine might come in handy?

    History is littered with the souls and bodies of those who have allowed themselves to be disarmed.

    So *raspberry* Bloombutt!