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Friday, July 13, 2012

July 13, 2012 - Morning Headlines

- Members of Occupy LA were involved in skirmishes with local police during a protest last night (MSNBC):

- Individual reports with video evidence claim to show the Syrian government massacred as many as 220 people in the central Hama province. Though difficult to confirm, this would be the largest massacre in the country's 16-month civil war to date (CBS News):

- A Florida homicide investigator told FBI agents that George Zimmerman "had a little hero complex but was not a racist" (CNN):

- Mitt Romney's campaign is demanding that the Obama campaign apologize for a remark that claims Romney's actions regarding his departure at Bain Capital could have been felonious (Fox News):


  1. It appears the Occu-Pies are gearing up for the conventions.


    Talk about a war on women and racist remarks, if Romney selects her to be his VP running mate get ready for some real nasty vicious attacks. From the left of course.

    1. Condi Rice as a possible VP pick was all over twitter last night. Most conservatives were leaning toward the feeling that this was planted by the left to stir us up, but then Drudge put it out too, so who knows?

      While I like her and I think she's one of the smartest people out there, I don't think, in this political environment she'd be the best pick.

      As you said, the left would rip her apart and we really don't need any more distractions.

      I really hope Gov. Romney is basing his decision on whether or not his final pick is a 'true conservative' and not simply on gender and/or skin color.

      We'll have to wait and see.