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Friday, July 13, 2012

CNN's Disgusting Spin of Mitt Romney's Speech to the NAACP (VIDEO)

I'm starting to dislike the fact that it seems all I have been doing recently is calling out the media for their baloney. I dislike it for two reasons. The first is that I'm truly scared that the media is growing to out-of-control proportions. The right of free press is protected by the First Amendment, and the media seems to know this and use it to their advantage. They are the controllers of the spread of information. Lies, spin, and deceit are all part of their game plan it seems. It's now to the point that it seems like the American people are about to elect a president, and the only information they know is what the "news" tells them. The problem is, the "news" really isn't news any more. There's an agenda to it. There's a spin. There's an intent.

The second reason I dislike harping about the media is simple: this isn't in my wheelhouse. I'm an economist both academically and professionally. I don't know much about education, or immigration, etc., but I do know economics. I should be spending more time conducting economic analysis, but I simply can't let the media do what it is doing, and I feel it's my duty to use this medium to show people truth.

I will try to leave my opinion on this brief because I want readers and viewers to express what they feel about the upcoming videos. The first is the full 24-minute speech Mitt Romney delivered at the NAACP conference on Wednesday. See it here:

In my opinion (again, I'll try to keep this brief), it seemed to go decently well. Romney received many rounds of applause and few boos. He wasn't booed for the first time until about the 11-minute mark when he mentioned repealing Obamacare. In fact, I counted a total of 3 rounds of boos to about 30 rounds of applause. In addition to the applause, he received a standing ovation at the speech's conclusion. So to me, that's a decently positive speech. It's not perfect, but it certainly isn't bad.

Of course, that isn't what CNN would want you to believe. I snapped a screenshot of their headlines shortly following the former governor's speech:

WOW! Three back-to-back headlines all containing negative connotations. They all highlight the "boos" Romney received. Remember how this works? See it: The repeated negative connotations in headlines surrounding Mitt Romney are done intentionally to have an effect. They exist to sway the minds of the electorate.

But this isn't the half of it. My biggest problem exists with CNN correspondent Jim Acosta ( Watch his analysis, which was shown on CNN, shortly after Romney's speech:

I want to ask him, "what speech did you attend?" He makes it sound like it was awful. If you only listened to his take and you didn't listen to the speech itself, I would think you'd perceive Mitt Romney's speech and the reaction he received as a complete disaster. According to Jim Acosta, this was the most negative reaction Mitt Romney has received (maybe it was considering he gets positive reactions to his campaign stumps). But the point from Mr. Acosta is clear: ONLY focus on the negative to make it look way worse than it is. Of course, these are all subjective opinions, and the best I can offer to counter Mr. Acosta is a count of applause to boos as I've done. But why not take the path of "he surprisingly received many rounds of applause and a standing ovation in addition to some boos?" Why not take the positive road? Perhaps, as I've said, it's about lies, influence, and spin. I've said this before: CNN is starting to fall so far to one side it's not even hiding it any more (, and to me, this is dangerous for our country to be listening to "news" that's not really news.

What do you think? Am I way off base? Is Jim Acosta's assessment fair? Is he off base? Please share your opinions below.


  1. This pretty much sums up what's wrong with our country. The media wants Obama to be reelected (well, except for Fox News), and since there are a lot more leftist outlets in existence, their chances and influenced are greater. They claim to tell us news, as LME says, but they don't. The sheep of this country just believe everything, but rarely question. If the media wanted a baseball bat to be elected, it would get it. It would promote the piece of wood as the next best thing, and it would promote the ripping apart of its opponent. Just watch Acostas clip. You'll see what I'm talking about.

  2. What did they have to say about 0bama's speech to the NAACP? Oh wait, probably nothing since he didn't attend. Eric Holder did attend and gave a speech about the horrors of voter ID. The funny thing is to get in to hear his speech guess what you had to produce. Yep, photo ID.

    Nothing funnier than the hypocrisy of the left. Kind of like Debbie WasAman Schultz calling for Romney's tax returns but won't produce her own. Or like Romney's overseas investments being questionable while Debbie WasAman Schultz has overseas investments as well as Nancy Pelosi. Theirs are OK but Mitt's is questionable. How does that work? Well easy when your most ardent supporters have the IQ of a peanut.

  3. The first time I saw the NAACP Romney speech, I noticed something... a slight delay in the commencement of the 'booing'.

    Yesterday, I saw a video of the same speech, from an angle showing the audience. In it you see a woman reacting to the word 'Obamacare' and quickly prodding those around and THEN, that reaction grew around her... hence the delay.

    Last night, O'Reilly had Professor Marc Lamont on his show, blasting Romney for not changing his speech when he gave it to the NAACP. Claimed that Romney should have adjusted what he said for better appeal to the black audience.

    He also claimed that Romney said NOTHING about what he'd to 'fix' education... making it clear that Prof. Lamont had either not heard the speech... or had taken from it ONLY what he thought he could bash.

    Huh? We the People, all colors, sizes and shapes - are Americans! A speech SHOULD truly reflect the platform/ideas/beliefs of the candidate. I want to hear it - as is - so we can make our my OWN minds!

    Anything else (IMO) is pandering to 'special interest'.

    As for 'Team Obama's' claim that Gov. Romney MIGHT BE a felon ... or at the very least, a liar...what hogwash!

    But as you'll see from this link - there are SOME on the left who don't care to learn the truth. Who instead repeat the tired lies from sites like Politco.

    Team Obama is playing the kids' game. 'I'm rubber and you're glue. Anything you say bounces off me, and sticks on you.'

    Okay, two can play.

    compilation of links - lies and more lies by BO

    1. Good Friday morning Dara. It seems if you want to know what Democrats are involved in, just see what they accuse of others of doing. That is usually exactly what they are doing or are guilty of.

      For instance, Debbie Blabbermouth Schultz goes on and on about Romney's taxes and overseas investments. She won't produce her tax returns and has foreign investments (which I don't have a problem with unless you are accusing someone of illegal practices while you engage in the same activities).

      The 0bama smear machine, er, I mean campaign hinted that Romney might be a felon. That leads me to believe that 0bama is most likely ( please note, MOST LIKELY) a felon. Like I said they accuse you of what they are guilty of.

    2. Well said and good points 32slim.

    3. Good Morning Slim : )

      Last night New Hampshire Gov. Sununu (sp?) got into it with Juan Williams over the tax and overseas account issue re: Wasserman-Shultz, Pelosi, etc.

      Williams blathered and then finally stammered and said, 'well, uh... but THEY aren't running for President.'

      Williams is normally one of the more common-sense lefties, but when it comes to Obama, he appears to be dumb-struck. It's really kind of sad.

      Earlier in the week, Sununu also put another leftie host in her place (Greenspan's wife - can't remember her name offhand) debunking the off-shoring jobs claim. He also brought up something I'd not thought about... While Romney has 'outsourced' ZERO jobs - $769M from Obama's stimulus that went to green, etc. companies who turned around and sent those jobs AND our tax dollars - OVERSEAS.

      Mrs. Greenspan's response was 'Zero?' accompanied by a blank look. (priceless!)

      The MSM/DNC/Team Obama spin is getting so bad that I'm beginning feel like a kid on a carnival Tilta-Wheel! (and I suffer from motion sickness - blech!)

    4. Dara, yes I saw where the governor destroyed Andrea Mitchell NBC news (you almost have to say it through your nose to sound like her). I think it bothered her when he laughed at her and then told her she was struggling and laughed even more at her.

      If I am not mistaken, the governor said 0bama sent 29 BILLION overseas. Then the stutter fest broke out when Andrea Mitchell tried to defend 0bama.

      Here is a link if you would like to watch it again and horse laugh the ditzy NBC/mBSnbc 0bama drone.