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Monday, June 4, 2012

June 4, 2012 - Morning Headlines

- The search for survivors in the Lagos airplane crash. Officials fear more may be dead than originally expected (Fox News):

- The EU, China, and Russia will be meeting to discuss the civil war in Syria this week (CNN):

- Democrats and republicans are working to avoid the automatics defense spending cuts they agreed to last year (MSNBC):

- George Zimmerman surrendered and returned to jail after a judge revoked his bond (ABC News):

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  1. To the anonymous poster who keeps attempting to post info about the admin's personal life, employer, etc:

    any attempt to hack, harass, threaten, etc. any members, posters, users, commenters, readers and visitors of this blog will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

    Threatening to contact an admin's employer is a form of harassment.

    For the owner of, ( this conduct will not be tolerated.

  2. Truly sad that this is what liberals do. This blog is devoted to civil debate, sharing ideas and understanding. I saw that attack, and it infuriated me. When someone on the left can't debate you intelligently they attack. Whether it is with insults, or throwing rocks at police, or many other means, the left is truly divisive and shows they don't want to engage in civil political discussions.

    1. yes i agree this is an issue from both parties, people who are more concerned with attacking then they are with talking.

    2. Do y ou know what I was referring to?

    3. Yes you are referring to the type of person i had to deal with last week a right wing nut job who posted a picture of OWS in chicago on instagram and made a blanket derogatory statement about everyone there.

      I called him out on his crap and he threaten to come to my house and beat me up and then posted a bunch of fake ads on craigs list with my number.

      I know exactly what you were referring to. those types of people...

    4. I was referring to the attack by the poster named that caused a lot of hack trouble here.

    5. Loyal Watcher - Do you have something about that? A picture, a link? I'm not asking to be a jerk about it... I want to know because I don't like when anyone behaves like that.


      I don't like any of this kind of behavior. I do think that yes, the left does it more (many people cite the destructive nature observed at OWS rallies versus the lack of it at Tea Party rallies), but both sides do engage in it, and in my opinion, it's always unacceptable. It's up to level-headed people like you, me, MN 4 Rick and on to balance this out and bring people back to a sea of calm.

    6. @LME - I'm so sorry that you had to deal with that stuff.

      I agree that we see this voterobot type of behavior coming from the left, much more often. It's just plain wrong, no matter WHO does it.

      I despise Axlerod's ideas - and his condescending, uppity, 'only-WE-know-what's-good-for-YOU' MANNER of projecting those ideas. That said, I literally cringed when I saw the videos of Romney supporters heckling and shouting over him while he was trying to speak.

      Agree or disagree, in AMERICA everyone has the RIGHT to be heard. In AMERICA, I have the free choice - to listen - or to leave.

      And yes, the OWSers and people on the left do it all the time. And yes, Romney said...'sauce for the goose... sauce for the gander.'

      I disagree. We should ALL be better than this.

      BUT if that's NOT possible, due to the unwillingness and/or inability of the left to engage in (and LOSE) an honest debate with CLASS, GRACE and HUMILITY...

      Two WRONGS - STILL do NOT make a RIGHT.

      But that's just my opionion - I could be wrong : )

      He who establishes his argument by noise and command shows that his reason is weak. ~ Michel de Montaigne