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Monday, March 19, 2012

This is Just Plain Wrong on So Many Levels

File this under the "oh, come on" category. File this under "what... are you kidding?" File this under "this kind of crap is disturbing."

What am I talking about? See this:

How can anyone in the world condone this? Racially-charged hate speech has no place in politics, life, anything, period. 

First, I would not vote for Obama. No way, now how. But I don't have any problem with him as a person. He hasn't done anything intentionally nefarious (I'm sure some would disagree, but realistically, to me, he hasn't), so I don't judge him like that. I strongly disagree with the vast majority of his policies, and because of that, I wouldn't vote for him. No matter how strongly I disagree with him, however, I wouldn't engage in the kind of despicable hate displayed so ignorantly on the back of this vehicle.

The bumper sticker posted above is nothing more than a personal attack. It's a sly way to insert racism into politics. It's wrong; and it adds nothing positive to this constantly widening political divide. If you met the guy or girl who owned this vehicle, what would you ask him/her? I would ask simply, "why?" Or maybe, "have you ever thought about cost versus benefit?" What benefit does this bring to anyone for the cost it is going to bring against you, your party, and your cause? We conservatives oppose Obama's policies; why bring racial hate speech into the mix? Aren't we better than this? Can't we just have our viewpoints without offending people (especially in this way)? Many, many people will be personally offended and hurt by this (justly so), and there is no defending this from "our side." Sure, many on the left do this too, but that is no excuse.

Racism aside, obviously, the press is going to jump on this. And oh lookie... they have! Many on the left like to paint conservatives as racists. I don't find this to be true, but, as there are some bad apples in every group, it does exist. No matter how isolated this is, it's going to be broadcast in the media to paint the picture that we conservatives are indeed racist. This individual bristle will become a wide brush, and the stigma that conservatives are racist will propagate further.

We would like to see a republican in the White House come January, 2013, but bumper stickers and other materials like this aren't going to help. All it does is give the "other side" more fuel. It's going to be exaggerated beyond belief, and it will ultimately hurt us in the end (and trust me, again, as stated above, I'm not insensitive to the many, many people that are and will be directly hurt and offended by this). I think every conservative should speak out against this junk. Let's achieve our goals by showing how we are a great party with great principles and great ideas. Very few people would want to buy a car if the salesman only showed them the grime that collects under the engine... Very few people are going to believe in our cause and our party if they are constantly shown our grime, when instead, they should be shown our greatness.

What do you think of this? What would you say to the owner of this racist bumper sticker? Please share your opinions below.


  1. Just the typical run of the mill GOP racism.

    Don't try to pretend you didn't post this to get a chuckle from your internet buddies.

    You're just spreading the BS

    1. I'm sorry; I can't live in the world of assumptions... "don't try to pretend..." no. That's not the case. End of story.

      I'm just up late on a Friday night writing about how bad this is, and for some reason, you look at this as an attempt to say this is "typical, run of the mill, racism."

      Maybe you didn't read the part about, "Many on the left like to paint conservatives as racists. I don't find this to be true, but, as there are some bad apples in every group, it does exist. No matter how isolated this is, it's going to be broadcast in the media to paint the picture that we conservatives are indeed racist. This individual bristle will become a wide brush, and the stigma that conservatives are racist will propagate further."

      Comments like yours don't help either... Just sayin'

  2. I mean, REALLY - who do you think came up with this ? The Leftists ??? WRONG !

    1. Never made that assumption, and this article is nothing but a call for conservatives to denounce this type of thing. Again, this is NOT how the vast majority of conservatives think, and, as it is stated above, there are bad apples in every group. We should not label an entire party because of some bad people. This is wrong on our side, and most of us will admit it. Where it becomes wrong on your side is to label us all with the same broad brush. It's the same crime on different sides of the street.

    2. I'm white and conservative, and I think the bumper sticker is vile and repulsive. Such notions have no place in serious political discussion.

      And yes, to the above poster, it is possible that devious individuals on the left DID do such a thing, just to smear conservatives. It wouldn't be the first time. (I am not saying that this IS the case, only that it's entirely within the realm of possibility, given past history.)

  3. As a human being, when I first saw this, my reaction was 'OMG!'

    As a conservative, my question to the owner of the car would be - 'What on Earth were you thinking?' And then I thought - I don't want to know... this person.

    Whoever came up with this atrocity is illiterate, as well as ignorant. My spell check is flagging, so it may be a colloquialism: To 'renig' is to welsh or 'go back' on a promise or a bet...

    So, what this moron is ACTUALLY saying (to those familiar with the American version of the English language and its slang)is the exact OPPOSITE of his intended message -

    ie:'You made a promise when you voted for Obama in '08, so you should honor it in '12.'

    Sadly, many won't make the connection and this will be used as yet another arrow in the quiver for the left. *sigh*

    @Anonymous - You've been around this blog for awhile, and are (or should be) very much aware that the initial post generally leans to the right. While opposing views have always been welcomed and are in fact invited by LME and ProudPacyderm - you choose to 'shoot from the hip' with nasty and occasionally obscene liberal one liners and run without backing up your point.

    Here's MY point - when conservatives post their views on lefty blogs - they're immediately dismissed as 'trolls'... In this case - if the shoe fits - I believe you should wear it.

    But that's just MY opinion - I could be wrong ; )

  4. i frm tha south and we be haten on da nig nogs lik tha bible says to. i agre no mor nigs in tha wite hose. america is a republic not a ymca

  5. The individual hunts ducks with a Benelli, what do expect. Jim, I am afraid you might be right about the left doing this so the can play "THE RACE CARD". Sad state of affairs that this country has become, they try, and are succeeding, in dividing the country with stupid BS like this and the media will not let it die. Anonymous at 01:06, WTF??

  6. Keep the peace people ! I'm a conservative and it's true that black people can't be trusted with public office. Look at it honestly.

    Funny sticker though.

    Romney 2012

    1. i have that sticker!!!! but i like santorum

    2. Nice try. It's obvious you're both libs trying to cause problems. Take your hate based tactics elsewhere.

  7. LME - First let me say thank you for bringing this out. I happened to see one of those stickers in the Philadelphia area over the weekend and was angered. I simply have no tolerance for ignorance and/or hate. This slogan (I'm assuming there are shirts and other items) is a lot of both.

    I don't think what Jim says is out of the realm of possibility but it doesn't seem to be the case in this, uh, case :). ABC appears to have tracked it back to a now defunct website called Stumpy's Stickers which had a number of other racial items for sale. It really says something about the unfortunate, sad state of our political system that we would consider that this could come from a political party (from either side).

    Personally, I try to stay away from generalizations (though I do get caught in them every once in a while) and wouldn't align this with the GOP and/or conservatives. However, I agree that most will try to paint this as a Dems vs Reps issue which is, again, unfortunate.

    Dara - I think renig is probably more of the bastardization of the English language. I think it was reneg and people have just popularly mispronounced similar to the way a moot point no longer exists but there are lots of mute points out there. Just my opinion (and a pet peeve of mine!).

    Thanks again for raising this topic LME, I think it is important for everyone, but especially conservatives, to come out and denounce this hatred.

    Have a great day!

  8. That sticker is insulting and degrading, any American who would place that on their vehicle is a racist! I am a conservative and live in the South, I wouldn't vote for Newt or Santorum anymore than I would vote for Obama though. Romney 2012.