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Monday, March 5, 2012

Super Tuesday Forum

Just imagine one of those obnoxious monster truck rally commercials here: Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday!

Here we are: Super Tuesday. Ten states, 410 (17.9% of the total) delegates... one night.

So... what will happen?

- Will Mitt Romney lock up the nomination? Will we see another Santorum Surprise? Will Ron Paul win his first state? Will Newt finish strongly in Georgia?

The ten states and their respective delegates are: 

Who do you think will win which state? Various polls seem inconclusive, so it's a tough call. Assign each state to a candidate and see how chose you are after the polls close. Be sure to share any thoughts below. 


  1. I'm not one to get into the prediction business, but I feel this would be fun so here it goes:

    Romney wins MA, ND, OH, VT, VA for 201 delegates.

    Santorum wins OK and TN for 101

    Paul wins AK and ID for 62

    Newt wins GA for 76

    That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

  2. Alaska - Ron Paul
    Georgia - Newt Gingrich
    Idaho - Mitt Romney
    Massachusetts - Mitt Romney
    North Dakota - Mitt Romney
    Ohio - Mitt Romney
    Oklahoma - Rick Santorum
    Tennessee - Mitt Romney
    Vermont - Mitt Romney
    Virginia - Mitt Romney

    Mitt Romney - 291
    Ron Paul - 30
    Rick Santorum - 43
    Newt Gingrich - 76

    I did it this way so you could copy and paste the states for your comments.

  3. I actually have Romney winning all except GA. Santorum isn't as strong as people think. Just look at his performances. He only wins counties with about 89 people and 7 sheep. Romney wins population centers, and I think people are starting to warm to him because he can beat Obama. Paul has never won a single state and will never win a single state.

  4. Well here we are again, our chance to give it a shot at predicting who will win which primary and how many delegates this will give them.

    Gingrich is going to take Georgia by a landslide and talk about how much he beat Romney and that this win is far superior to Romneys' win in Michigan. Well I am sorry Mr. Speaker but Romney improved greatly over his 2008 numbers and Romney did not represent the state of Michigan, his father did. Further, I think Gingrich will take 3rd or last in all of the other primaries.

    Slick Rick will take Oklahoma after narrowly losing to Mitt in Ohio. Following his poor performance in the last debate and his cry baby attitude about the Michigan delegate allocation the American people are starting to realize he has no shot at beating Obama in November. I can see Rick taking Tennessee as well for the simple fact that he is evangelical and they pride themselves on that. He may possibly take Idaho but I see that going to Mitt.

    Ron Paul is going to take Alaska for the simple fact that he flew there and it’s a caucus state. The 5 people (not an accurate number here, being sarcastic) that will show up to vote, will probably go 3 for Paul and 2 for Mitt.

    The big winner of Tuesday is going to be Mitt Romney. He will take Ohio, contrary to MSNBC and Rachel Maddow's projections. I predict he will win by 3 pts. Idaho could go for Mitt or Rick, it’s a toss-up but I believe Mitt could win. Massachusetts should go to Mitt and it doesn't matter by how much. If history has taught us anything, it is that the state doesn't usually fare well when it comes to electing people (see Kennedy's as an example), with the exception being Senator Scott Brown. Vermont should go to Mitt as well. Virginia is a joke, but only when you mention the fact that Newt and Rick "forgot" to get on the ballot. Mitt should win this state over Paul with ease, although this will be Paul's greatest 2nd place finish of the election cycle.

    My final prediction is for the end of the night. Ron Paul, in my opinion, will bow out of the race either tomorrow evening or soon after. He might say "I'm going to go home to give this election some thought" but we all know what he means. Rick should still have enough support to stay in, although he shouldn't but I do not see him backing out now. Then the wild card, Newt Gingrich, while he may be the smartest man in the race when it comes to textbooks, he can't realize that he won't get the nomination. I don't expect him to back out just yet but he will in the coming month.

  5. RON PAUL 2012 and 2016!March 5, 2012 at 10:17 AM

    Dr. Paul is the only person who preaches what this country should be about: LIBERTY. All these other idiots and rinos have no clue. They also have no chance. The latest rasmussen poll says Paul is the only man that can beat obama.

    I think he takes 9 out of 10. The revolution is working, and the surprise is coming!

  6. Thanks Hanson Steve for the pre-made list. I copied and pasted.

    Alaska - Ron Paul
    Georgia - Newt Gingrich
    Idaho - Newt Gingrich (this is my odd pick)
    Massachusetts - Mitt Romney
    North Dakota - Rick Santorum
    Ohio - Mitt Rommey
    Oklahoma - Rick Santorum
    Tennessee - Rick Santorum
    Vermont - Mitt Romney
    Virginia - Mitt Romney

    Mitt Romney - 173
    Ron Paul - 30
    Rick Santorum - 129
    Newt Gingrich - 108

    At the end of the night, Romney loses because this wasn't a blowout

  7. I'm no Romney fan, but I can see him easily winning all 10 states including Alaska. He is going to be the nominee. He has the experience of turning things around. I think the people are starting to realize that.