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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

March 7, 2012 - Morning Headlines

Morning Headlines:

- Super Tuesday's final count: Romney wins 6 states, Santorum wins 3, Gingrich wins 1, Paul wins 0 (Fox News):

- 6 world powers met in Vienna, Austria Wednesday to try to find some common ground on how to handle Iran (ABC News):

- Obama touts changing the nation's tax laws (Yahoo!):


  1. Earth to Ron Paul.......hey bud, you are 0 for 23. Are you blind or stupid? The people of America don't want you. Pack it up and go home. In Virginia you were one of only TWO candidates and you were pummeled. It wasn't even close.

    Mr. Gingrich, you claim to be the "anti-establishment" candidate. I am calling BS on that. You sir, are enabling the "establishment candidate". For instance, in Tennessee (a neighboring state to Georgia) you finished third. You, being from the south, should have done much better there but lost to two guys from the north (I have no problems with the north but trust me, it means a lot in the south).

    If you are truly the "anti-establishment candidate" and don't want the "establishment candidate" (Romney) to win, get out of the race. Please, do us a favor, if you stay in; cut all this "anti-establishment" bull squeeze. We see through you pal.

    On a side note Newt, when you chose to start talking like an occutard, you screwed your self pal. Most people don't care about how rich Romney is. If you want to have some success with that sort of pandering, I suggest you try the Democrat party, those loons seem to eat that rhetoric up. The rest of us are sickened by your schtick.

    Yes, it's true, you would make mince meat of 0bama in a debate, but, considering you are battling Ron Paul to see who finishes dead last in most of these votes, it's time to go.

    1. ROFL

      So right. So perfect. I agree 100%, especially about the part where you say Newt basically joins the ranks of OWS. My only question is who do you support?

    2. Well, Tanner R, I was a Herman Cain guy. Once he dropped out I started thinking Newt was my guy. Then, he goes all occutard, so I voted for Santorum yesterday. I am in Tennessee. Yes, I would have preferred to vote for a southern boy but I ain't voting for some ding bat that panders to the occutards.

      Hell, I can't believe that Cain and Fred Thompson (he was my guy 4 years ago)both supported Newt.

      My biggest problem with Romney (and there are many) is he couldn't beat the guy that couldn't beat 0bama 4 years ago. Granted, 0bama didn't have a record to run on then, but, if the media has their way we will NEVER get around to talking about 0bama's record of record deficits, record debt, record unemployment, record poverty, and a record number of apologies. Do all of 0bama's apologies not make him the Sorriest President Ever?