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Friday, March 16, 2012

March 16, 2012 - Morning Headlines

Morning Headlines:

- According to the U.N., the death toll in the Syrian opposition uprising has reached 8,000 (CBS News):

- North Korea has announced it plans to launch a satellite into space using a long-range rocket. The U.S. believes this is a disguised ballistic missile test (Fox News):

- Obama uses campaign speech at a Maryland community college to attack GOP candidates' claims on gas prices (MSNBC):


  1. “Every time prices start to go up, especially in an election year, politicians dust off their three-point plans for $2 gas,” Obama said. “They head down to the gas station. They make sure a few cameras are following them. And then they start acting like we have a magic wand and we will give you cheap gas forever if you just elect us. Every time. Been the same script for 30 years. It’s like a bad rerun.”

    Amazingly, here is then presidential candidate 0bama at a gas station with a few an election cycle.

    If that isn't funny enough, here is an 0bama campaign ad from 2008, once again at a gas station.

    In this ad 0bama claims he doesn't accept money from oil companies.

    "BP and its employees have given more than $3.5 million to federal candidates over the past 20 years, with the largest chunk of their money going to Obama, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. Donations come from a mix of employees and the company’s political action committees — $2.89 million flowed to campaigns from BP-related PACs and about $638,000 came from individuals."

    1. Happy Friday, 32slim32 -

      As with yesterday, I'm swamped at work, but I did want to say that you have it down pat. You have a position, and you back it. You have a position that is counter to someone's... in this case, the President, and you give the reasons behind it. Right or wrong, you show why you feel the way you do. I truly respect that.

    2. Well-made points; no questioning the hypocrisy we're seeing in this. Glad to see it continually brought to light, and hope that it can help bring an end to this subject.

      Frankly I'm tired of politicians attempting to wield the gas price weapon at each other, and Obama is no exception to that.

      Hope you two have a good weekend!

  2. hold on...... so we wont get 2.00 gas.......
    Im not voting.....

    lol :)