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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Today's Morning Headlines

This is an experimental thread. If it works, perhaps it might be something that is implemented into our daily posts. We want to give readers more options and more sources of information and a central place to obtain it.  This is merely a collection of 3-5 daily news articles and links with a brief summary preceding each link. Please let us know your thoughts. Feedback really helps. Thank you.

Morning Headlines:

- January hiring is sluggish; December's job numbers revised downward (CNN Money):

- Mitt's wins big in Florida, strongly carries Hispanic vote (Fox News):

- New information reveal Taliban is growing. Support from Pakistan is fueling the Taliban's resurgence (Yahoo! News via Reuters):

- Conflict worsens in Syria. UN Security Council mulls action but China and Russia are against sanctions and military intervention (CNN):

1 comment:

  1. Wow, December was not as strong as initially reported? Is it just me or do the numbers seem to be revised downward NEARLY every month. It seems that the pattern is; report an inflated number, talk all month about how things are getting better, then revise it downward and make excuses for 0bama.

    And for all you die hard 0bama excuse makers, please do not even reply with the "HE inherited an economy in a downward spiral" drivel. That was over 3 years ago he inherited that. For God's sake, at least come up with a new excuse, that one is about wore out. I need a good laugh, so blame it on the ATM's, kiosks, Arab Spring and the tsunami in Japan if you feel the need to lay an excuse out for the Commander in Chief.