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Friday, February 3, 2012

The Nevada Republican Caucus

This open forum is dedicated to the Nevada and Maine Republican Caucus. 

After Romney's big win in the Florida Primary, this is more of a test for the remaining GOP candidates than it is for Mitt Romney. Most polls predict Romney will win big in Nevada (don't forget, Maine's GOP caucus begins on February 4th and is a week long) because Nevada has a large Mormon population which is expected to give him a large boost. Maine is geographically located closer to Massachusetts and could easily go Romney's way, too.

- Who do you think will win the Nevada caucus? Who will win in Maine?
- Who finishes where? Got any predictions for the percentages of votes cast for each candidate?
- Will there be any surprises?
- If Romney wins, is that the end of the show for the other candidates?
- Who drops out? Who goes on?
- What will the turnout be?

We will also put up another post about the upcoming caucuses/primary (Colorado, Minnesota, and Missouri). Thank you.


  1. Hey LME....I don't have an answer for any of the questions listed above, but, I can tell you what CNN's headline will say the day after the Caucus.

    Five things we learned from the Nevada Caucus

    Somehow they have learned 5 things after every debate and Caucus/Primary thus far. I am betting that trend continues. LOL

  2. 32slim32 - Good evening!

    You know, you make a good point. My opinion, though hard to quantify, is that CNN is starting to fall so far left it's becoming unreliable. They aren't as blatant about it, but it's there. There are constant headlines of "What's wrong with Mitt Romney" and "What's the problem with Mitt?" It seems that whenever a GOP candidate makes a mistake, their headline says "mistake," or something harsh. It seems that if Obama makes a mistake, the headline says something like "Obama stopped by GOP obstruction." Again, this is hard to prove... I wish I have been keeping a tally of this; maybe I should :-P

    Yes, it seems that they always learn 5 things and they always seem negative. It seems that CNN will say anything to make the GOP look bad. Who knows? I believe the media is way too powerful and no matter how good the GOP is and how bad Obama is, it doesn't matter. Their message will be the same...

    1. Here is a list of some CNN headlines:

      1/4/12 5 things we larned from the Iowa caucuses
      1/8/12 5 things we learned from Saturdays debate
      1/9/12 5 things we learned from Back to back debates
      1/11/12 5 things we learned from the NH primary
      1/17/12 5 things we learned from Mondays debate
      1/20/12 5 things we learned from Thursdays debate
      1/22/12 5 things we leared from SC primary
      1/24/12 5 things we learned from Mondays debate
      2/1/12 5 things we learned from Florida

      If they hold true to form, today or tomorrow, we'll see: "Five things we learned from the Nevada Caucus"