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Monday, April 8, 2013

Weekly News Headline and Debate Topic Forum 4/8/13

First, a sendoff to the Iron Lady:

source: wikipedia

Margaret Thatcher, October 13 1925 - April 9 2013 - - - The first female Prime Minister of Great Britain... a trailblazer to many. Thank you.

What do YOU think of Margaret Thatcher? Her policies... her style... her portrayal in the media... her legacy? Be sure to share your thoughts below.

As usual, there is a whole gamut of news topics to discuss from the dismal employment numbers to North Korea's continued provocation to the death of another American diplomat. Whatever it is, share your opinions and engage others below.

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  1. R.I.P. Iron Lady - I know the left hated her but here's a fun fact: When she was first elected, unemployment in the U.K. was 13% - when she left - 5.6%. Appears she did something right! AND no matter how much flack she got, she never once 'stood down' from her principles and core beliefs...

    Kim Jong Dumb(sh*t) is about to fool around and start something he's not capable of finishing w/out some pretty dire consequences - either on purpose, or by accident ... and OUR very OWN Dumb(sh*t) is busily backing off in fear of 'provoking escalation'... huh?

    The Taliban wasted NO time taking credit for taking the life of that young lady, OUR diplomat... How many more do we have to lose before the Diddler-in-Chief admits the Taliban/al Qeida is NOT 'on the run'?...that they are GROWING in strength? And they hate us?

    How about the Preezy's newest scheme to tax IRA's and 401K's? Oh, but it's for 'the rich' (for now). I mean, really... who 'needs' that much OF THEIR OWN money to retire on anyhow? ...when 'others' who FAILED to plan have SO much less?

    Not mentioned, of course, are the Preezy's own federal (taxpayer funded) pension and extravagant bennies and those of Congress.

    Oh, but he did kick back a measly 5% of his salary! Personally... I'd rather he kept that money, stayed in DC and DID HIS FREAKING JOB - instead of the constant vacationing, campaigning and propaganda photo ops! (But that's probably just me).

    Our prosecutors and lawmen (and their families) are being gunned down in the streets (and in their homes) - just like in Mexico. Oh wait! Evidence is now coming out that the Mexican Cartels - who use our WIDE OPEN BORDER like a freeway (and are well armed, compliments of Eric Holder's Fast and Furious gunrunning fiasco) - have joined forces with the Aryan Brotherhood - right here in the South West to 'take care' of those who ENFORCE OUR LAWS! Just like in Mexico!

    And if you have kids or grandkids you might want to look into Common Core Curriculum - which is being implemented in about 46 states as we speak... complete with 'biometric wristbands' and other weird 'scientific examination' gadgets designed to data mine kids AND their families.

    If you don't believe me, check out the U.S. Department of Education Office of Educational Technology publication; Promoting Grit, Tenacity and Perseverance: Critical Factors for Success in the 21st Century.

    Sounds pretty 'old school' - right? It's NOT. The whole thing is group-think socialist/communist, agenda 21 indoctrination from pre-school through age 20! The pdf even has pictures of the gadgets they plan to hook the kids up to - for 'monitoring progress'.

    This 'monitoring' is along the lines of what China does with THEIR kids. Testing at around age 7 determines their 'proficiency' and their 'projected worth'... and thus locks them into whatever 'job' they are deemed 'most useful' for the 'common good'... with accompanying 'training' in the field the GOVERNMENT (not the child or the parent) sees them MOST FIT FOR.

    Bill and Amanda Gates are big 'investors'... Bill Gates said this is 'just the beginning'. Many RINO/Progressive R's (like Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio) are on board, as well.

    MSNBC's running a related promo that states: We've not spent enough money on education, due to the 'mistaken belief' that children belong TO and are the responsibility OF the parents... 'They' are of the 'mind' set that OUR (YOUR) kids 'belong to the collective'.

    It's all very Nazi Germany (youth groups) - or U.S.S.R. - take your pick.

    We should KNOW we're in trouble when Russian Pravda warns us (again)'the pain has just begun'.