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Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekly News Headline and Debate Topic Forum - 3/11/13

Well, the new jobs report is out, and many media pundits are claiming this is an Obama success:

I don't see the report as a thing to leap about, but it does contain some positive news. Of course, that can fade if the numbers get revised next month.

But for me, here is the big topic of discussion: With all the doom and gloom painted by Team Obama regarding the sequester, how will this play out? If unemployment keeps falling, Obama looks like he severely over-exaggerated the sequester claims but is a "hero" for having the unemployment rate decline (this is subject to interpretation). If unemployment increases, Obama can claim he was right about the sequester, but is not the hero of decreasing unemployment.

Hmmmmm. The x-factor, of course, is the media. What do you think?

1 comment:

  1. Hi All

    IF all of these 'scholars' that inhabit Capital Hill can NOT figure out that .03 cents of every dollar in cuts (that are NOT cuts, but merely a decrease on the amount of raises) will NOT cause the whole place to fall off a cliff - 'they' ALL need to be replaced! NOW!

    We can start with Obama and his ignorant, brain-dead side-kick Bite-Me, Shoot 'Em Through the Door, Big F*ing Deal Biden!

    I 'feel' ALL of these numbers are made up. I 'feel' as though we're (America) in a Coyote and Roadrunner cartoon... the one where Wile E. is standing on a ledge and RoadRunner comes along and hands him an anvil. Wile E. has a second of hang time and then - *shwump* - he crashes and burns.

    And it all comes down to:

    *Our 'leaders' are a joke, who have zero respect for We The People, our hard earned money OR our Founding Documents...

    *'They' are arming and lining the pockets of our enemies - with zero regard for the unintended consequences (or maybe they ARE intended - 'they' lie so much who knows?)

    *Our money isn't worth the paper it's printed on... yet 'they' print and spend like there IS no tomorrow... (or maybe 'they' can't actually SEE Greece from D.C... so 'they' think it's all good?)

    *ALL most of 'them' can think about is 'their' next election - and to h*ll with US.

    And... I wouldn't believe anyone 'in a position of power' if their tongues came notarized.

    Okay **end of rant** : )