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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

What Did YOU Think of the State of the Union Address?

Here we are, 34 minutes in to the #SOTU2013, and I swear it's October, 2012. To me, this is a campaign speech.

But it's not over... what do you think? I'll post the transcript as soon as it becomes available. Please share your thoughts below.

UPDATE: Speech transcript:


  1. My plan was not to watch. When he came on I slipped on my headphones and pulled up Paul Simon's 'One Trick Pony' - 'one trick is all that hoss can do. He does one trick only, it's the principle source of his revenue.'

    Unfortunately, the song's not long enough, so I was forced to listen to some of the speech.

    You're right Pres. Downgrade IS still campaigning, complete with a campaign fund and a nationwide campaign 'team' called 'Cyber Warriors' (I think). Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought candidates were NOT allowed to continue fund-raising - AFTER the election was over?

    'Shovel ready' blew up in his face, so it looks like he changed it to 'Fix it First'... Really? Does he honestly think we're that stupid, not to see this is re-cycled from the COMPLETE AND UTTER FAILURE of his FIRST four years? Why can't this guy just CUT THE CRAP and speak without all these cheezy slogans?

    Davis/Bacon guarantees ALL gubmint projects, by law, are fed to ONLY union workers - so I'm thinking all that was a crumb to his buddies on that front.

    Big fat lies about how he 'cut the deficit by $4T'... He's INCREASED it by more than $10T - in FOUR years.

    Blah, blah, blah Climate Change. Blah, blah, blah other countries got ahead of us in Green Energy...

    Of course he left off - ALL of those countries lost J.O.B.S. and went BROKE DOING IT. He ALSO left off the TONS of toxic waste created by SOLAR, that they're NOW trying to figure out where to ship... After all, you couldn't POSSIBLY leave that #shirt in oh, so GREEN CA.

    Blah, blah blah Education... we need to 'invest' more money in that. Never mind we spend something like THREE TIMES the amount PER STUDENT of our next competitor - with INCREASINGLY SHODDY results. No let's just throw MORE good money after bad - to the UNIONS.

    Blah, blah Raise the minimum wage. Sure, okay... let's go ahead add THAT to the MASSIVE cost to employers of O'ZeroCare and watch a) businesses CLOSE and b) Unemployment jump to 10+%!

    Blah, blah 'immigration reform'... NO!! Build the damn FENCE... CLOSE the border - and THEN we'll talk! I can't believe the black community buys into this BS. UE for THEIR teens and young adults is pushing 25%!! JOBS they want AND need are being filled by this MASSIVE influx of ILLEGALS. (NO PC!) (cont.)


    1. He saved gun CONTROL for last, it's 'for the children' blah, blah blah...I didn't get the 'let them vote' mantra with the camera panning over the audience. boo, fricken' hoo...

      One more time: New gun laws will NOT affect these crazies with guns, shooting up innocents... Biden and Obama have stated as much.

      Warning to anyone who buys their BS: They're NOT interested in 'safety'... They ARE about CONTROL.

      Canada JUST put out a warning to the U.S. National Registry = Confiscation... PERIOD! It JUST happened up there... A nation disarmed is a nation of slaves.

      Blah blah 'come together'... what? Okay, a bunch of lemmings we should all just hold hands, sing Kumbayah and leap happily into the abyss.


    2. Oh, I forgot the several not-so-sly mentions the 'And... if Congress won't pass what 'I' want - I'll just do it myself.'

      Note to Pres. Downgrade: This is AMERICA and You. Are. NOT. KING.