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Friday, January 11, 2013

January 11, 2013 - Morning Headlines

- A local sheriff in Kern County, California, says that the 16 year old who came to school and began shooting his classmates with a shotgun felt bullied (CNN):

- The Pentagon is claiming it is making preemptive moves such as a civilian hiring freeze and the delaying of some contracts in preparation for the government's potential failure to reach a sequestration/spending cut deal (Fox News):

- A judge in Colorado has decided that there is enough evidence against James Holmes to proceed with a trial charging him with the movie theater mass shooting massacre that took place in July, 2012 (ABC News):

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1 comment:

  1. Sad deal there in CA... and the left is all busy blaming the 'bully' and the 'gun'. What about blaming the KID WHO DID IT?

    As a kid, I was VERY smart... also buck-toothed, 'four-eyed' AND bullied at school; not only by the KIDS but by my TEACHER, who thought it was 'okay' to hold me up as an example of a 'person who COULD do better, if I 'only tried harder'.. She'd even call me in front of the class - and berate me when my clothing was soiled and/or wrinkled.

    What she did NOT know, because 'we didn't air our dirty laundry in public' back then....

    My dad was in prison, Mom was a 'free spirit' off with the boyfriend of the week and seldom home. At the ripe old age of NINE, I was left ALONE, to care for my mentally disturbed younger brother (who eventually wound up a 'ward of the state') and my baby sister. As a result - I missed a LOT of school.

    In today's 'everyone's a victim' society, I'd be called a 'classic case' for getting into ALL kinds of trouble... I did not.

    I HATED that teacher, still do, but the thought of 'lashing out' at her NEVER crossed my mind.

    Strangely enough, my anger translated into working HARDER and I ended up passing the grade with 'flying colors'.

    I don't know how we'll 'fix' what's wrong with society. I DO know that bans of any kind have never worked and never will.

    All this hysteria the left is fanning solves NOTHING. It exacerbates the problem and covers up the UNDERLYING cause.