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Friday, December 21, 2012

Friday Fun - The End of the World Open Forum

Well, congratulations! It looks like we all survived. The Mayans were incorrect... who knew? :-P

With all the serious political back and forth, this "end of the world" prophecy has granted us some fun relief. It has kept its mark in the news, and it has given us something to talk about. Now that it has come and passed, why not open up an end-of-the-world open rant forum. I'm not sure how many takers there will be, but talk about anything - how the world will really end... now that we've survived, what are you dreading getting back to doing... how are you going to celebrate... who knows? Share whatever you want.

My rant: ugh... back to work! Have you ever seen the movie Office Space? Yes, that's where I work. Fun! I was hoping the Mayans had a remedy for this, leaving me alive, of course.  Oh well... if something comes up, I'm sure I'll share it, and I hope you share your rants, too!

Have fun, and congrats on... surviving? :-P



  1. You know, I do have another quick rant... To the spam program or algorithm or company that's out there: why are you trying? You constantly place spam comments on the blog like:

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    Why? First, don't you realize this stuff goes to the "spam" folder and never gets placed on the blog? It's a complete waste of time; no one sees your ads. Secondly, you have, for some reason, target one of the oldest posts on the blog. I mean, really, who is running the marketing department of this company? I would think that in order to get the best value of your spammy ads, you'd place them on RECENT posts that still get a lot of traffic, and you'd post them in a way that doesn't get them automatically marked as spam. Many people post links in the comments section of this blog, (usually as the citation to the case they're making), and they don't get blocked. Every time I see one of these spam comments (which is about 300 times a day), I just laugh. Someone at the company that does this needs to be fired... I don't think I've ever seen a more mismanaged, inefficient, waste of time in my existence. LOL

    That's my rant :-)

  2. Back to having the F taxed out of me. Glad I can keep supporting baby's mommas and crack queens.

  3. Hi All... yup we made it... and 'I'm Alright!' yippee!

    Have a great Christmas and a joyous New Year All!