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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

December 5, 2012 - Morning Headlines

- New York City police claim they have the suspect in the subway shoving death in custody. 58 year old Ki-Suck Han was pushed onto the tracks in front of an oncoming subway at a station near Times Square. He died at the hospital a short time later (ABC News):

- A tentative deal has been reached to end the strike at the Los Angeles and Long Beach ports. The deal, which is expected to be signed without hiccup, will send the striking clerical workers and sympathizing longshoreman back to work soon (CBS News):

- According to a Pentagon official, in spite of recent intelligence claiming Syria was potentially moving and arming chemical weapons, there is no credible evidence showing they're mixing or planning to use them (NBC News):

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  1. "The photographer, R. Umar Abbasi, caught an eerie photo of Han with his head and arms above the platform and staring at the oncoming train."

    It's strange to me how people always seem to get photos of these tragedies. I don't know - maybe it would NOT do any good, or maybe it's too dangerous... but maybe? they could put down the camera and TRY to offer help?

    CA Longshormen: I guess CA doesn't need the money from ALL those ships that were detoured to other ports? or something?

    Syria: Didn't IGNORING intelligence reports from BENGHAZI get FOUR Americans KILLED?

    1. Some stuff I found in my web travels:

      No liberal bias in the Lame Stream Media? 0 invited his MSNBC 'Ministry of UnTruth' cheerleaders for a fiscal cliff chatfest in the West Wing, including... Al Not-so-Sharpton

      AND... please note these are ALL right leaning sites - I didn't include any from the left - because I can NOT find anything from them. Curiouser and curiouser

      A cartoon - it's 'for the children' ya know:

      YouTube video produced by the California Federation of Teachers (Union)
      Category: EDUCATION

      And then there's this:

      To give the Devil his due: 0 hasn't bailed them out - YET. But then again, he's not even been inaugurated, so there's plenty of time.

  2. From the union strike article: "Shippers said they wanted the flexibility not to fill jobs that were no longer needed as clerks quit or retired. They said they promised the current clerks lifetime employment.


    The clerks, who make an average base salary of $87,000 a year, have some of the best-paying blue-collar jobs in the nation. When vacation, pension and other benefits are factored in, the employers said, their annual compensation package reached $165,000 a year.

    FUCK UNIONS! They use strong-arm, give us MORE AND MORE AND MORE or we will shut you down tactics to suck the life out of employers. The employers were stupid, too. They should have just fired everyone and brought in some of the 23,000,000 people who would love to have that job. Unions are a disgrace.