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Thursday, December 20, 2012

December 20, 2012 - Morning Headlines

- As both sides remained hunkered down and far apart on the Fiscal Cliff, Obama is now imploring republicans to simply "take the deal" he has put forth (CNN): 

- In truly disturbing fashion, fake websites which are asking for donations in the memory of a Sandy Hook victim, are popping up over the internet (Fox News):

- GM plans to buy back 200 million shares of its own stock which is currently held by the US Treasury. With the purchase price being nearly 17% lower than its initial offering, the US taxpayer is slated to lose approximately $1.5 billion (NBC News):

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  1. IF Republicans 'take the deal' they'd better get ready to get kicked to the curb in '14!

    We did NOT send them to the House to 'go along' with Pres. SpendThrift's plan to sell our kids and grandkids into Government slavery.

    That said: They WILL fold... Pres. Downgrade will run up MORE debt and the higher taxes will NOT do a thing - except feed his Gimme-dat 'base' for a few weeks. Then we'll be back to the same old same old. *sigh*

    It IS disturbing and disgusting when sick, twisted individuals try to 'cash in' on a tragedy...

    ...even MORE so when it's the PRESIDENT:

    1. I'm not convinced that 'not taking the deal' wouldn't get them kicked to the curb either.

      The years up to the last election, the GOP was very staunchly opposed to accepting any deals/concessions with the Democrats. What did that lead to? Ultimately, they ended up being blamed by the majority for the gridlock, and the downgrade of our credit rating.

      I'm sure you'll disagree on who is to blame, and I'm not even saying I agree with either side (nor am I trying to discuss it), but the polling and exit polls have shown that to be the case for the majority.

      This was also reflected in the House/Senate election period a few months ago, where originally the GOP had aspirations to sweep them both... but ultimately, despite everything going on at the time with the economy, job creation, spending, etc, LOST seats in the House and LOST a significant amount of the votes from the previous election period.

      And now, the polls are saying the same thing; that most people would blame the GOP if we fail to come to a solution.

      I don’t really think that they have an easy path ahead of them, either way. If they refuse to accept a deal, they’re likely to get blamed again by most people (as the polls reflect) and end up losing seats once more in the next election. If they do accept a deal, it’s likely to demotivate (and infuriate) their own party.

      What a mess this is turning into.

    2. RKen - I will argue, briefly, that this, "but the polling and exit polls have shown that to be the case for the majority" is the result more of the information that's being passed. From morning shows to CNN to Piers Morgan, MSNBC, and across the spectrum, if the media constantly pushes the case, "GOP bad, GOP is negative..." over and over and over again... and then polls people, I'm not surprised the polled feel this way. The slant as of late seems accelerated. One check of reveals this. It's really unbalanced as more and more and more morning talk shows, "news" programs, etc. continually push agenda instead of objectivity.

  2. @RKen -

    Uninformed, ignorant Gimme-dats re-elected an arrogant, stubborn communist wanna-be with delusions of redistributive grandeur.

    The same uniformed, ignorant Gimme-dats will blame the republicans - for whatever bad will happen, simply because the Government media TELLS them they should.

    As a conservative, I speak for myself. I register R due to our BROKEN electoral system... they ARE the party CLOSEST to my beliefs. When/if one or more individuals within that party DUMP their stated beliefs - they WILL have to GO. We did NOT send them to Congress to rubber-stamp the one's communist agenda.

    Last night, the House did EXACTLY as they should have done... they HELD FAST their beliefs, unswayed by the bashing those like YOU on the left are certain to dole out, those who are totally OUT of TOUCH with the REALITY!

    WE are BROKE.

    And if we lose seats in the next election - because those like YOU are too uninformed and ignorant to ACCEPT the FACT that our SPENDING is UNSUSTAINABLE and raising taxes on ANYONE ain't gonna 'fix' it. So. Be. It.

    SOW the wind; REAP the whirlwind.