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In order to keep up with the nature of free, spirited debate, I wanted to place the chat feature at the top of the homepage. This ensures people can come here and share their views on anything they wish and not have it be related to any specific discussion. Here, people can share ideas, links, and views "unmoderated" and an their own pace. To me, this makes The Elephant in the Room blog truly a place for debate.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Some New Things at The Elephant in the Room

Happy Friday! - As you can tell, there have been some slight "upgrades" to the blog. The major things you will notice are:

1. A new look. This isn't a huge change, but I think it's an upgrade that makes the blog cleaner and easier to read.

2. A new way to poll. I've started using Poll Daddy to conduct polls. It's easier to manage, and I can display results in graphs, too. Plus, the blog's poll kept malfunctioning and erasing people's votes. It was time to go in a new direction there.

3. The big one: CHAT! It's here! Who knows how well it will work, or how often people will participate, but it's now available at the bottom of the blog. I assume it won't be used much because people tend to leave  lengthier comments and synopses on blog posts only to come back from time to time, and a chat is better for quick engagement. It's tough to put out whole, well-thought responses in chat. But hey, it's there, and I hope people use it (also, you can sign in as a "guest" using whatever screen name you want - no personal info or email is required). Anything that can be done to make the blog an easier place for expression will be done, hopefully to success.

Of course, this is a people's blog. If you have any feedback at all don't hesitate to email me at or simply leave your input in the comments section below. It could be anything from, "this new look is terrible, bring back the old one" to "the chat sucks" to "the new look is clean, but change the colors." Whatever it is, if the people speak, it will be heeded.

Everyone knows Fridays are always a slow writing day, and that's why this post is what is it ( :-) ) but I do hope you enjoy the changes! Have a great weekend!


  1. Ugh... chat, for me, is blocked at the office. Oh well. I hope it gets used :)

  2. Love the chat! Can't wait to strike it up in there.

  3. Love it, LME! Keep it up!

    I will admit, I wasn't a fan of the old look. It was too loud.