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Friday, November 16, 2012

November 16, 2012 - Morning Headlines

- An Israeli-sponsored cease fire on Gaza has failed. Israel said it would honor the cease fire while Egypt's Prime Minister was visiting Gaza, but Hamas' militant arm al-Qassam continued its rocket attacks on Israel (CNN):

- Now retired ex-CIA director General Petraeus is set to testify on the Benghazi consulate attack behind closed doors for a second straight day with congressional leaders (Fox News):

- Four people were killed and 17 were wounded when a freight train crashed into a wounded veterans float in Midland, TX on Thursday (ABC News):

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  1. So I guess Israel gets to unilaterally decide when to turn the cease fire on and off like a spigot? Seems fair. {sarcasm}

    Yet another reason I believe we should let Israel sleep in the bed they've made.

    Curious to see what Obama's position is whenever he decides to take one.

  2. Whra are you talking about? Did you not read the part about how the crazies in gaza were still launching rockets into israel during the cease fire. Who canceled it?

    I stand with israel

  3. Every time something happens that involves Israel the folks on the left (and some on the right) always blame Israel. Conveniently forgetting anything anyone else has done to elicit a response from them.

    Here's a question... If the Government of Mexico continually launched random rocket and mortar attacks into San Diego, killing innocent women and children, all in the name of "The US government STOLE California from Mexico!!!"

    How long would it be before the citizens of the United States ~DEMANDED~ that the US Military go in and crush the evil Mexicans? Would we be justified?

    Think about THAT s**t before talking about how this is all Israel's fault.

    Besides... do you honestly think that all this has nothing to do with the results of the Presidential election? What has been the Obama administration's stance on Israel and on the Middle East? All this crap started 6 days after the election. Do you really think the timing is just coincidental?

    Just sayin'


    1. @Anonymous: Thanks for your post(s) I too, stand with Israel, and it infuriates me when posters fail to realize that Hamas and NOT Israel is the AGGRESSOR here. And now, our 'ally' Egypt is in on the bombing as well - DURING the (yeah, right) cease fire!!!

      I believe it's NO coincidence that THIS attack started SIX days after the one's re-election. There should be NO doubt in anyone's mind that he's all the way in bed with the Muslim Brotherhood/Hamas/Hezbolah/Radical Islamists.

      Those MONSTERS see Israel as the 'little Satan' and US as the 'Great Satan'. If we (Americans) don't wake up - and SOON, we're VERY likely to reap what we have sown.

      Morsi is ON RECORD seeking the destruction of Israel/they PROMOTE, condone AND commit the BOMBING OF CHURCHES... the STONING and/or MURDER/decapitation/dismemberment of Christians, women and gays and we're STILL feeding them OUR TAXPAYER DOLLARS?? It's just SICKENING!

      And if the whole thing isn't awful enough, the 'Palestinians' doctor photos and video and blast them all over the press, both print and digital - to further inflame the ignorant left.