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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Presidential Town Hall Debate Open Forum

As with the recent VP Debate, this is an open forum to discuss tonight's Presidential town hall debate.

Pre-debate questions:

- Who do you predict will win? 
- Will Obama be more successful with is "aggressive" approach?
- What would YOU ask the candidates?

After the debate:

- Who won? 
- Has your vote been swayed?
- Best line? Worst line?
- Who do you think will win the election?

After the debate, join me and the usual crew on The 405 Live at 10:30pm EST tonight for our special post debate show!  The show is hosted by @johng405. Listen at the following link:

Call in at 877-297-8022 to give your take on the presidential debate. Jump on the air and join us in the fun! As always, feedback on the segment is greatly appreciated. 


  1. I see your point about the time 44 min vs 40 min,LME, but, I think Romney still had a pretty good night.

    Romney took it to the President. He hammered him on "You (President 0bama) took GM bankrupt". He kept hammering him on the oil (private vs public) land. Romney really rattled 0bama on the Libya attack. In fact, President 0bama said, "move along Governor". The President did not like the way Romney was trying to clarify and get 0bama to "step in it" by picking a position.

    The President also said in the Rose Garden:

    "Since our founding, the United States has been a nation that respects all faiths. We reject all efforts to denigrate the religious beliefs of others. But there is absolutely no justification to this type of senseless violence. None. The world must stand together to unequivocally reject these brutal acts."

    That was the 4th paragraph.

    The "no acts of terror" line was 4th paragraph from the end.

  2. I think Romney totally spanked the Pres. in spite of that Crowley woman trying to run interference for him. Just saw Frank Lutz's focus group - in Vegas, on Hannity and they thought the same thing.

    Obama needs Nevada - a swing state with some of the highest unemployment and foreclosure rates in the country. As of yesterday - it was close. Tomorrow? Who knows.

    Everyone who watched ANY news for the two weeks after the September 11th attacks and murders, straight up knows Obama was lying through his teeth about what he said during that time period.

    It appears that Billary's too little too late 'acceptance of blame' did nothing to save his sorry, dishonest butt... I didn't think she looked or acted all that sincere anyway.

    So far all the fact checks favor Romney as being right/correct on every issue.

    Three down - one to go : )

    RomneyRyan 2012

  3. Obama certainly did much better than in the first debate.

    Mitt on the other hand performed more or less the same (which was well), but I think that an emerging fault of this debate was wasting too much energy/effort on what ultimately were small issues (where Obama’s pension is invested, oil drilling on fed lands, exact words of Obama’s speech at the rose garden), as opposed to refocusing the topics more on central key issues as he did in the first debate.

    That said, while the debate was close, I think I have to give this one to Obama.

    Unfortunately though, I think a lot of the opinions on how this debate went are going to come down to this line and the following topic:
    "The suggestion that anybody on my team, whether the secretary of state, the UN ambassador, anybody on my team would play politics or mislead when we lost four of our own, governor, is offensive."

    That line was strong enough on its own, but the effectiveness of it and the immediately following topics were only elevated further when Mitt continued the topic and semi-pivoted his point to the exact words of a speech (which he got wrong). I of course understood what Mitt was attempting to say, but it was just a losing argument from that point and he didn't handle it well.

    But I see this segment shadowing over the rest of the debate, which I don't agree with, and is why I again find it unfortunate. I do disagree with Mitt's attempt to politicize the Libya attack, but I don't agree with this being the most important take-away of the debate.

    1. I agree 0bama certainly did better than the first debate.

      However, I disagree on the "too much time wasted" comment. President 0bama brought the pension/investment stuff up, Romney simply responded to it. 0bama implied it was bad to have offshore investments (in blind trusts). Romney simply pointed out that 0bama is invested in the same places (in blind trusts).

      President 0bama tried to take credit for increased oil supplies. Romney refuted that point by pointing out drilling on public land is down. Our increases in supply are mostly due to North Dakota- on private land.

      And yes, words matter, RKen. President 0bama in the 4th paragrapgh of his little Rose Garden speech blamed the attack on the stupid youtube video. He rambled on for some time before he uttered the words "No acts of terrorism" (4th paragraph from the end). But to keep it in CONTEXT, 0bama blamed the video, FIRST. So, yes, words do matter.

      My recollection of the debate is that Romney attacked 0bama's lies and gave specific examples of 0bama's lies while 0bama took more of a "My Cousin Vinnie" approach and basically said, "everything that guy said was crap", just like Joe Peschi said in the aforementioned movie.

      "The suggestion that anybody on my team, whether the secretary of state, the UN ambassador, anybody on my team would play politics or mislead when we lost four of our own, governor, is offensive." It may be offensive, but, it is true. They spent two weeks trying to blame the youtube video. Even President 0bama was still spouting that crap in his speech at the UN.

  4. With a second watch another thing hit me...

    Obama said, 'Gas prices were down because the economy was in the tank.' On that line of thinking, he's saying a) the economy is back where it should be (not) and b) when it DOES come back, we should 'get used to' gas prices even HIGHER than they are now!

    Which is exactly what he said five years ago: 'Under my plan, energy prices will necessarily skyrocket.' And Chu - 'I think our gasoline prices should be more in line with Europe's ($8-$10 a gallon)'

    We're already seeing the end result of these high gas prices - at the grocery store and everything else we purchase.

    Just about everyone with a pension (unions, too) or a 401K IS invested in 'overseas markets'.. when Romney called O on that - he stuttered and cried for Crowley 'Mommy... make it stop.'

    This administration tried to COVER UP the awful thing that happened to our Ambassador, our Diplomat, and two Navy Seals in Libya. Four Americans were left completely unprotected in a hostile land. They are dead as a direct result of Obama's 'fuzzy-wuzzy, feel good' foreign policies.

    No matter WHAT O and his ilk try to feed us: The Muslim Brotherhood is large and in charge in Egypt and all across the Middle East/North Queida IS NOT 'beat back' They're very much alive and growing.

    Obfuscate: To obscure the truth not only from others, but from ourselves.