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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

October 2, 2012 - Morning Headlines

- Tax hikes for citizens and trouble for the country is the message that is resounding if the US Congress doesn't do something about the impending "fiscal cliff" scheduled to hit after the turn of the year (CNN Money):

- A ruling on Pennsylvania's photo ID law is required to be made today, just 5 weeks before the general election (Yahoo!):

- The ACLU claims that electronic monitoring of communications by the Justice department is up as much as 60% under President Obama. These monitorings do not record content, but they do monitor time of call, number called, etc. (Fox News):

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  1. As some of you know, I am a PA resident and have been awaiting this ruling. I actually think the judge did a good job in mediation. I think the law was passed too close to a general election to have it be fair and effective. The ruling buys some time and allows for business as usual in the upcoming election. For the record, I am not opposed to Voter ID but I think the government must provide such ID's to its citizens (well, come to think of it, why doesn't the government just mandate everyone has an ID and then fine/tax them if they don't... after all, SCOTUS has given the gov't carte blanche to mandate the acquisition of anything it deems appropriate... UGH!!!).

    As for Obama, his continued support for and expansion of provisions in the Patriot Act (which I think should be scrubbed completely) is disgraceful and just one of the reasons he will not get my vote (I'm interested in Romney's position here but I'd guess that it's WAY worse). I just came across this article which made me even more disgusted with Obama and his DOJ ( I find the gov't desire to continually spy on its citizens an outrage and, frankly, Anti-American. We should be secure in our person and security is not attained while you (we/all of us) are being stalked by Big Brother!!!

    I keep waiting for reports that the White House and Congress have ordered toilet paper with the imprint of the US Constitution on it!!! I figure Drudge will break the news first!

  2. Hey there Whatsamattausa,

    I'm on the same page about this voter ID push. I think it's incredibly shady and concerning that there is such a major rush right before the election to get the voting system revamped (potentially in GOP favor).

    Whether or not the change is warranted, rushing to pass as much as possible while major figureheads are quoted saying "This will win the state for Romney!" is rather despicable. I have a hard time believing that anyone is truly concerned about the few cases fraud more than they desire whatever increased odds of winning there may be; which is disgraceful.

    I also don't necessarily agree with the approach of some of these reforms either. I'm all for reducing fraud, regardless of how small it may actually be, but there are certainly ways to accomplish this that don't put up potentially significant barriers of hardship to do so (even if only in few cases).

  3. Hi All,

    Question: How come all the dead people and pets tend to vote D? Oh, I know, dead people don't pay no stinkin' taxes (hence no taxation w/o representation) pets are 'dumb' and can't SAY they'd much rather vote R).... lol

    Seriously, we need voter i.d. It should have been an issue after the blatant Al Franken fiasco... BUT ANY form of Federally Mandated Government I.D. is wa-a-ay too Soviet Russian/Nazi German 'show me za papers, comrade.' There's already a section of Ocare that hints about everyone needing to be 'identified' by the Govt.... Most states offer i.d. at little cost or FREE... VOLUNTEERS to take others to get it.

    SEIU, AFLCIO etc (whose motto is 'vote early and OFTEN') have ZERO problem gathering up busloads of people to take them to the polls so they can vote for the DEMS. WHERE are they when those same people need a ride to get i.d.? *crickets*

    note: I had to show my i.d. to EXCHANGE two cans of spray paint at Wal-Mart today...

    1. Dara -

      Are you out there tagging again? :)

      I don't disagree with you on voter ID but don't you think it's a little late in the game to go making people try to comply? I think it's unreasonable at this point. Other than that, the court agreed with the law. I think the media has made it out to more than it is, as far as being discriminatory, but in the end, if it affects anyone, it would be the elderly and/or poor disproportionately. I'm glad the judge postponed it for this very important election. I just think (and I'm not sure if you agree or not), that the states should offer a free, gov't verified voter ID if they are going to require it (but again, SCOTUS has made it OK for gov't to mandate you purchase anything they deem reasonable).

      btw - You seem to insinuate a larger D fraud. I have always sort of thought it happened equally on both sides for no other reason than perhaps naivety. (I also believe it will continue to happen as those who want to cheat the system will... all those college kids who make fake id's just hit the jackpot here in PA :)) Do you have a link to any particular study?

  4. Hi Whatsamatta - haha - nope, just painting the cracks in my porch - honest : )

    I was referring to the last election where voter fraud was proven in court (2010?) and the judge said in the end... 'Well the election is over; the people decided.' What? And all those Al Franken ballots found in 'someone's trunk' which gave him the win. Double what? Had the push started then - we might have had things in place by now. But back then, even (conspiracy theorist?) I... thought the fraud was isolated.

    Then we learned about ACORN who - btw were convicted of voter fraud in my state of NV. We also convicted several DMV agents who gave d/l's to who knows how many illegals, just prior to the elections. Our illegal population is over 14%.

    I never figured the DOJ would let any voter i.d. laws fly this time around. I just do NOT understand the outcry - from the left... even going forward. Everything I see posted and written - even among minorities and oldsters - favors truing the vote.

    You know I do not agree with the govt. mandating anything, and as I said, I believe govt. i.d. would be a VERY bad idea. We already have them tagging newborns with SS#'s - what's next? We all line up for a barcode on our foreheads??? I don't think

    I wouldn't mind my STATE tax dollars going to fund i.d.'s for those who don't have them, though. I'd even volunteer to drive those who had no transportation. It's not about DENYING anyone the right to vote. It's about keeping those who have NO right to vote from doing so... I love my pets and I think they're pretty smart, but I also know they're bums and they'd vote for whomever promised them the most snacks.

    I shudder to think my Dearly Departed Dad - may have nullified my vote in the last election. At least his vote would have been true to party - as sadly, he WAS a democrat.

    1. I think we're in total agreement on this... and I imagine you're right that most others would be as well.