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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

October 10, 2012 - Morning Headlines

- The official death count in the meningitis outbreak has reached 12. There have been 119 reported cases of meningitis since the story of the infected steroid case was first reported (CNN):

- Affirmative Action has made its way to the Supreme Court. In one of the most widely watched cases of this court's year, 8 of the 9 judges (Justice Kagan has recused herself) will debate the University of Texas' program that admits up to 25% of its students based on race (Fox News):

- The regional security office for the US embassy in Libya compiled a running tab of security incidents starting in July of this year. The memo shows the increased concern of American statesmen in Libya as their requests for increased security were ignored (CBS News):;fdmodule


  1. Great quote from Neal Bortz:

    "As Big Bird is mentioned, Obama goes on a rampage. As US ambassador Chris Stevens is kills, Obama goes to Vegas."

  2. Curious what the opinions/feelings here may be on this:

    I actually have to disagree in that I can't quite call it a flip flop, but he's definitely distancing himself from many of the more extreme elements of his party's platform.

    1. Oh Rken. More manufactured "issues" spewing from the left. If you look back at Mitt Romney's history throughout this campaign, he has been very clear on his positions with respect to this issue. It is the media that has intentionally clouded it. Let's be clear on this:

      Mitt Romney is saying now that he does not see himself bringing forth any anti-abortion legislation.
      That's correct.

      He WOULD support anti-abortion legislation if it came to him.
      That's also correct.

      He would support the defunding of planned parenthood.
      That's correct. That did not change here.

      What you are falling for is the twist in the media. They are muddying the waters between what he would bring forth and his generic positions. He has said this the entire time that he would support anti-abortion measures should they come up but that he isn't going to bring them to the table himself. This also falls in line with his approach that says he comes with a platform and works with democrats and republicans, not "it's my way or the highway." I pray you know the difference. The Huffington post is not responsible

    2. Well said. You are factually correct here. I see the media is having a field day. As per the usual, they are spinning this out of control:

      Maybe you should write the report, TExas.

    3. I disagreed with the huffpost as well, don't forget. :) But I do think that he is distancing himself from the further right.

      And I think that the issue here centers around the Republican Party platform established and reinforced through the speeches at the RNC, which has a far more aggressive stance on the issue of Abortion:
      (don't have time at the moment to look for clips/quotes from the convention)

      Where as Mitt now comes off as a sort of laissez-faire approach. 'I believe in it, and would sign a bill if presented to me, but I'm not asking/pushing for it.'

  3. This re-energizing of the abortion non-issue is more smoke and mirrors. Romney IS a right-leaning MODERATE. He has a knack for getting done what needs done by working WITH the 'other side' - in stark contrast to Mr. My Way or the Highway Obama - who REFUSES to budge and demonizes ANYONE who opposes him - when they won't bow to HIS will.

    As you know, I'm pro-life, but Rowe v Wade IS the law of the land and I see VERY little chance of that changing - anytime soon....I'd LOVE to see legislation that made abortion illegal anytime AFTER the first trimester - but I am a realist, so I'm NOT holding my breath.

    All the women's 'rights', Big Bird, abortion, 'lady parts' stuff is DESIGNED to distract. We have dead Americans, the world is On Fire, our economy remains in the dumpster, sequestration and a huge across the board tax hike on the horizon... and all we can get is lies, lies, and more lies from this WHOLE administration. They can't DEFEND their OWN policies - so instead - they DISTRACT and ATTACK.

    The Muslim Brotherhood runs rampant WITHIN our OWN government - while Obama and Hillary make noises about some obscure video - that's supposed to have 'caused the upheaval in Libya' and 'the wisdom' of our First Amendment right - oh, but ONLY as it applies to Islam... last time I looked, there WAS no 'except for' in the first Amendment!

    'I might HATE what you have to say, but I defend your RIGHT to say it.'

    And now we have PROOF of what EVERYONE with a brain suspected. Our government LIED... worse yet - Hillary, Obama and their ilk left our people over there KNOWING they were in danger - IGNORED their pleas for help. Obama KNEW - but went to sleep and then... off to a Vegas fundraiser. He KNEW - but chose to mock Romney.

    While Obama played - al Queida SLAYED...

    Wake up America!