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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Join LME on the Radio on Saturday Morning

Join me, LME at 10:00am EST - 12/22 on The 405 Live for great conservative talk. The show is hosted by @johng405.  Listen at the following link:

If you have something to say, call in. I'm sure you want to let loose. Trust me, it's fun! If you'd like to, please do so at 877-297-8022. As always, feedback on the segment is greatly appreciated.

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  1. Great Show LME

    I know some here are agnostic, but as Americans we can each reflect in our own special way for the families affected by yesterday's terrible events in Connecticut.

    The first I knew of the horrible tragedy was when our daughter called me from CO in tears. She was due to drop off her daughter - our granddaughter - at her Kindergarten class in about an hour and was understandably shaken.

    As I switched on the news, we talked about this and other incidents, including the Aurora, CO shooting which occurred, basically, her own back yard.

    And we asked the question: Why?

    The simple answer is that deeply disturbed, evil people walk among us.

    The problem is - until they act out their insanity - they're not identified - and WHEN they ARE identified they're NOT removed from our midst.

    Facts are coming out that this young man WAS disturbed, the Aurora shooter WAS disturbed, the Gabby Giffords shooter WAS disturbed - but they were ALL STILL allowed to roam about freely.

    This all started 'way back when' the liberals decided those 'poor people' (the crazies) were being 'held against their will'.

    And the liberals' answer to this problem is NOT to contain and treat the crazies - it's to outlaw the guns.

    To me, this seems 'out there' from a president who, along with his family, is protected by details of HEAVILY armed Secret Service agents.

    Bloomberg, who again used a tragedy as an opportunity to push his OWN political agenda - also has his OWN ARMED security.

    Guns don't kill people - (crazy) people kill people.

    IMO - our society has lost its way. We've strayed from our roots - and we're reaping what we've sewn.

    And I'm NOT talking about religion - or God - I'm talking about conscience, or soul, that little light inside us - that TELLS us the difference between what's right and what's wrong. Those values and principles that we should have been TEACHING our children to live by.

    The very same people who cry out against and blame 'conservative gun and God lovers' rejoice in abortion-on-demand laws.

    They refuse to allow 'bad actors' to OWN their own behavior, insisting that 'others' take the heat.

    They promote violence and high sexuality in movies, video games, music, etc. They praise the Occupy movement with their destructive behavior - and turn a blind eye to union violence and rhetoric.

    Banning guns will NOT 'fix' what's wrong in America today. If you outlaw guns - only outlaws will have guns.

    We can NOT legislate morality and/or values. We MUST return to teaching these to our kids.