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In order to keep up with the nature of free, spirited debate, I wanted to place the chat feature at the top of the homepage. This ensures people can come here and share their views on anything they wish and not have it be related to any specific discussion. Here, people can share ideas, links, and views "unmoderated" and an their own pace. To me, this makes The Elephant in the Room blog truly a place for debate.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Elephant in the Room Goes on Vacation

Good morning to all those in the Blogosphere. I am writing a quick post to let everyone know that I will be going on vacation to Europe until August 17th.

Many of you will probably say, "who cares." A few might say, "good riddance."  :-) But I just wanted to inform those that stop by daily that I most likely won't be updating The Elephant in the Room while I'm out. I'll try, but it might be difficult.

I will be back on The 405 Live Radio show on Saturday, August 18th at 10:00am EST. As always, the show is hosted by @johng405. If you'd like to listen, please do so at the following link:

I will miss writing posts and debating with everyone out there. Please know that I'm looking forward to returning and getting back to work on the blog. I will have access to email, so if anyone comments, I can do my best to approve them quickly so they go live ASAP. Who knows, maybe this post will be a long comment board :-)

Thank you all for your support. It has been an amazing year, and I look forward to continuing the discussion, analysis, and civil debate when I get back. Go forth, and be Loudmouth Elephants. 

- Mike (LME)


  1. Have a great, safe vacation! :)

    Look forward to the continued discussions on return!

  2. Liberal hate? Good one. With nothing positive to say, this is what the left resorts to.