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Friday, August 31, 2012

Republican National Convention Open Forum 8/27/12 - 8/31/12

This is an open forum for the Republican National Convention. We do want to steal the convention's thunder ( :-) ), and this post will be near the top of the blog feed all week.

As the convention goes on, please share your thoughts, observations, links, and any other information you would like people to see below. Of course, we will post news headlines daily, and as other articles/write-ups are finished, they will be posted, too. Thank you for all your comments, links, and opinions, and we hope Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, and the rest of the GOP a safe and successful convention. #GOP2012

UPDATED: 8/31/2012

So, the 2012 Republican National Convention came to an end... what did you think? Who was your favorite speaker? What was the biggest surprise? What did you think of Mitt Romney's speech? Please share your opinions below. Thank you!

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  1. Replies
    1. It has been a while.

      Was Tasty T a play on my name?

  2. A storm will be coming... but it's not Issac. It's going to start in Tampa and blow through Charlotte. The dems won't know what hit them. Good, sound, conservative policy to show the country that we don't need the government to help us live our lives.

  3. Great idea LME.

    ANON - are you an anarchist, or a member of the GOP? I'm not sure.

  4. Good morning elephants!

    So what did everyone think of the speeches? I thought Ann was GREAT! My second place was Santorum, because I honestly thought he told it like it was better than Christie. Artur Davis wasa the next best. Christie was 4th. He seemed to shouty to me.

    Thanks everyone!

  5. I liked Mia Love. She really spoke to waht I think GOP values are about.

  6. My guy Rick told it like it is better than anybody. Let the left accuse us of pushing religious values. What is so wrong about the family?

  7. I thought ALL the speeches were great. While united in the overall message, each person touched on a little different aspect of what we're all about.

    Of course, because THEY claim we're ALL a bunch of 'racists' MSNBC chose NOT to air the minority speakers.


  8. Both nights were good.

    Speech of the Night - Night One - Artur Davis
    Honorable Mentions - Night One - Chris Christie/Ann Romney (tie)

    Speech of the Night - Night Two - Paul Ryan
    Honorable Mentions - Night Two - Mike Huckabee/Condi Rice (tie)

    1. Jon - Definitely liked Davis' speech.

      Loved Ryan's speech! He is balsy!

      Welcome to The Elephant in the Room!

    2. Welcome Jon, you will love it here.

  9. Found this to be an interesting take and word cloud creation on Romney's speech:

    It was a good speech, but did seem rather low-key and generic (in my opinion of course).

  10. Good Friday morning.

    I watched a lot of the convention last night. I am a huge fan of Clint Eastwood but thought his deal was a little odd. It was funny at times but rambling at other times. I guess live performance isn't Clint's thing. Man he sure looks good for 82 years old though.

    I thought Rubio's speech was good.

    When Romney was telling the story about his father leaving the rose everyday for his mother and how they learned that he had passed because there was no rose ALMOST made me cry. I had this huge lump in the old throat and almost some water works in the eyeballs. That was an incredibly touching story.

    Is it just me or has Romney become more at ease in front of the cameras since the primary season? It seems like at first Romney reminded me of Al Gore a little the way it seemed like he couldn't turn his head. He seemed very uneasy on the campaign trail (and in front of cameras) at first. The Romney that took the stage last night seemed very comfortable. Anyone else agree with that or is it just me because I was a Herman Cain guy in the beginning?

    I especially liked the part in Romney's speech where he said, "President Obama promised to begin to slow the rise of the oceans and heal the planet,my promise is to help you and your family." What a stark contrast.

    For those of you that may say, "0bama never promised to slow the rise of the oceans", I give to you Barak 0bama.

    Of course I am sure that using 0bama's own words (as stupid as they are) is probably racist (especially if you are watching Chris "Tingles" Matthews who hears racist dog whistles everywhere), but what an awesome line to beat him over the head with (of course I mean that figuratively).

    From the CNN article LME linked to:

    "While attacks on Obama's economic polices are nothing new for Romney, his near-singular focus on trying to show the president's failings lent his convention speech the air of a fired-up campaign rally, rather than a sweeping address designed to rouse the base along with undecided voters."

    Funny how speaking of 0bama's record of failure is an attack yet 0bama bringing up the dog is just politics. Gotta love those liberal hack journalists. Also, undecided voters? How in the world can anyone be "undecided" at this point? Is anyone on this board undecided still? If so, how? Are you waiting to see the DNC convention? I don't understand. I am chomping at the bits to get to go vote in November.

    Have a great Labor Day weekend everyone.

  11. Seen this passed around in a couple of places now, curious what people may think about it:

    Might be a bit too late in the Friday for it, but figured I'd share anyway.

    Have a good Labor Day weekend all!

    1. Hi RKen,

      I saw that ruckus about the rules changes all over twitter. From what I could gather, the changes were designed to shut down the grassroots movements - like the Tea Party and the Ron Paul people...

      Once the convention started, the Tea Party quieted down and threw their support behind Romney/Ryan... personally, I think that draw is more Ryan.

      Paul and his people refused to back Romney. My thinking is that there are many in that camp that KNEW their guy didn't stand a chance, but always had their own write-in agenda anyhow.

      Everyone I've talked to is of the mind to rally behind Romney/Ryan - get them elected - hold their feet to the fire once they're in...

      ...and as soon as THIS election is over - get to work building, raising funds and organizing a new third party.

      IMO the 'old guard' of the Republican party showed their true RINO colors immediately following the '10 Tea Party shellacking of the Dems. Their 'Go along to get along' non-strategy is the reason we're $16 Trillion in debt - with no end in sight.

      (Again IMO) we need a TRUE Constitutional conservative party w/o all the 'social issue' distractions. Those issues ARE important - but they need to be decided by the STATES - which is where they belong.

      : ) But... these are just my opinions about the brouhaha ... I could be wrong....