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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Oh ABC News, Your Bias Is Showing

ABC, huh? That's the name. Perhaps it stands for the All Barack Channel? I wish I could take credit for that moniker, but I read it on someone else's blog. Sadly, it fits quite well, and ABC doesn't seem like they're trying to hide it.

When the First Amendment-protected "news" (the media) is no longer promoting news, where do we go for our information as a society? When companies like ABC News so slyly broadcast and headline anti-Romney or pro-Obama themes so blatantly, are they still promoting news?

This is a follow up to last week's ABC News contest:

Case in point:

Click Image for Expanded View

What's the problem you might ask? It's called rhetoric. It's called headlining. It's called this is supposed to be unbiased news, not opinion-laden, subjective slant. Clicking on the first headline highlighted in the picture above leads you to this first paragraph:

     - "The White House was subtly gleeful today as Mitt Romney's campaign dealt with the latest group to be offended during the Republican presidential candidate's overseas tour that was intended to showcase his foreign policy credentials."

Notice the language here. The White House was "gleeful" as Mitt Romney... offended. To report actual news is one thing, but to constantly give subjective and suggestive opinions in the reporting is simply rhetoric. It's designed to sway readers. Reading the actual article isn't even necessary. If you come to work every day and the first thing you do is check the mainstream media news sites and this is all you see, you slowly become swayed, and your opinion changes. It's truly sad that the media isn't even trying to hide it. It's right out there for everyone to read. 

Can Mitt Romney truly get a fair shot in this election? I doubt it. Will Obama ever be criticized by anyone other than Fox News. I doubt that, too. Hopefully, the American public will begin to question the mainstream media, and hopefully, they will see through their games. This might be seen as a rant, and maybe it is to the readers of this blog, but I cannot sit by and simply let the mainstream media get away with this subconscious mind control as Americans simply read and nod in obedience. To the "news" - tell the truth, and state the facts. No opinion, no sway, no spin. It's not hard... unless you're trying to push an agenda.

What do you think? Don't forget, the contest runs until someone wins it!


  1. The Tea is back!

    This is never ranting, LME. Until the media straightens out its ways, keep up the fight. Of course, you will be fighting forever. It's sad that they envision us as Kool-aid drinking pawns.

  2. I thought ABC stood for Always Bull Crap.

    Did you see where an 0bama deputy press secretary married an ABC News reporter? It is really hard to tell where the DNC ends and the press begins.

    1. 32slim32 - good morning! I did not see that. Who is it? I like your comment about where the DNC ends. If media outlets were balanced, like 5 for them, 5 for us, I'd be okay. I'd actually prefer the media have no spin be it conservative or liberal, but that's obviously never going to be the case. I could keep highlighting this issue ad nauseum, but a post every few days will do :-)

    2. LME, Good morning. I forgot the link. Oops.

      Katie Hogan (deputy press secretary) married Matthew Jaffe (ABC reporter).