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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

July 24, 2012 - Morning Headlines

- Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein is suggesting that the White House may be responsible for recent intelligence leaks (Fox News):

- New threats from an Al Qaeda leader warn of terrorist attacks hitting the "heart of America" (NBC News):

- Colorado massacre suspect James Holmes seemed dazed and confused as he faced a judge and made a public appearance for the first time (CBS News):;cbsCarousel

- Home values have shown their first year-over-year increase in five years (CNN Money):

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  1. Quiz some here may find interesting:

    1. Good afternoon RKen - I hope things are well.

      Slow blog week for me. I'm ridiculously busy, and I'm unfortunately thinking I might not have time to put up and major subjects, write ups, or anything other than morning news. I just have a ton going on here and then I leave for Europe at the end of next week. Sadly, the other members that help run this blog are crazy busy too. Hopefully I can put some stuff up to spark good debate :)

      You know, I think you and I both agree with this idea. I was reading through a post from March:

      Im the comments section, you had said, "I really like the idea of something like this.

      I would love that if say... one month before an election you were required to complete a test like this before voting. Ultimately you could still vote for whoever you want on the voting day, but taking a test like this might at least help bring light to who supports what issues, and give you time to reflect on the candidate that best represents what is more valuable to you.

      A bipartisan committee could come up with the test and issue it in mail/online/by phone or whatever.

      The biggest problem with a Democracy is exactly this though; an uninformed democracy, which is largely what we have.

      Voting on emotions, a whim, or unimportant characteristics as opposed to logic, values, and proposed plans and lines of thinking is dangerous and can easily run this country into the ground over time. "

      Of course, I definitely agree. Look at that! Lol

      Though this quiz or any quiz isn't perfect, I think it would ensure the voting populace understand the candidates' positions before voting for them.

    2. And oh yah, I got Mitt Romney 92%, followed by Ron Paul, Gary Johnson, then Obama at 27%.

    3. Hey there LME!

      Yeah, haven't had much time to stop by as I'm on vaca this week, but still had an opportunity to drop in today.

      Surprised you remember that post! I almost forgot about it, nice find. :) I definitely still feel the same, and this quiz is certainly one interesting attempt. Flexibility for how you answer the question and ability to rate the importance of it to you are a great start.

      It ended up close for me, with Paul/Johnson/Alexander/Obama all falling in the 60-75% range. Johnson was the closest match, most likely just because of the high importance I placed on foreign policy issue. Surprised though that Mitt came in at only 20%.

      Have a good/safe trip to Europe!

    4. I always like these types of quizzes. Not surprisingly, I came out, party-wise, agreeing with Dems 76%, Libs 80%, Green 73% and Reps 19%. I agree with Gary Johnson 83%, Obama 76%, Ron Paul 68% and Romney 19%. Very interestingly, I agree with the American Voters 95% (I'll be launching my campaign for presidency in '16!)

    5. RKen - It's the vacation time of year, apparently! I hope you're having a blast!

      Whatsamattausa - You run for president? That's just no fair. Why? Because you don't even have to campaign... your name works as a slogan, a campaign theme, et. al. I can picture your TV ads now....

      Just a monotone screen where a word slowly appears that reads "whatsamattausa?" Boom... you have it right there! :-)

  2. LME - That's some funny sh*t.

    Wishing both you and RKen happy, healthy, and safe vacations!

  3. Thanks RKen - fun quiz.

    I'm a Romney 94%, Paul 91, Johnson 89... and as I suspected, R 94%/Libertarian 90%.

    The only surprise was that I connected 10% with the Pres!

    @Whatsamattausa - Probably won't vote for you (see above : ) but your ads would sure be a kick to watch!

    And to all you on vacation, have fun and be safe : )