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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

July 10, 2012 - Morning Headlines

- President Obama is vowing to veto any bill that reaches him and extends the Bush Era tax cuts for all income earners (Fox News):

- Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney's campaign out-raised the Obama campaign by more than $30 million in June (USA Today):

- The Egyptian parliament met for the first time in over a month since the military disbanded the governing body (CNN):

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  1. The 'Bush Era tax cuts' were across the board. If they are to be extended they should be extended for everyone. If not, let them lapse - for everyone. That's the 'fair' thing to do.

    We have cities/states in the U.S. where $250K is barely enough to get by on. Nationwide, others in that salary range are our small business owners, people who employ others, who are already struggling to make ends meet in Obama's economy.

    And then we have the other 47%+ of our population ALREADY paying NO federal tax, many who receive refunds for additional monies - never paid in by them.

    In addition, these same people (who pay no fed. tax) are the main recipients of government services and programs that the rest of us PAY for.

    But hey! Here in Obamaland - 'fair' only applies where HE sees fit.

    If not treated and checked, there comes a time when the parasite WILL consume the host.

  2. Here are a few random thoughts of mine on the extension of the Bush tax cuts:

    1. Since President 0bama's campaign manager is running around saying “Of course there are questions about the economy,” Axelrod told Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski. "The question is, whether the answer is to go back to the same policies that got us into the mess in the first place." Uh, Mr.Axelrod, wouldn't keeping 98% of the Bush tax cuts be continuing the policies that got us in this mess-- according to your own logic? Why are you knowingly wanting to continue policies that you tell us are responsible for the mess we are in?

    2. Is this an admission from the 0bama regime that their policies aren't working?

    3. Is President 0bama saying that Bush got it 98% right?

    4. If President 0bama is serious about keeping taxes low wouldn't he extend 98% of the Bush tax cuts for more than a year? Of course if he is re-elected and he jacks everyone tax rates back up I am sure it won't be his fault. It will probably be Bush's fault-- AGAIN.

    5. Oh yeah, I thought the Bush tax cuts were only for the rich (according to the mainstream media). How is the middle class part of this now? I thought only the wealthy were getting tax cuts. Perhaps, you (media) were lying to us back then when you were spewing your DNC talking points like it were the actual news.

  3. Hi Slim

    I'm about to the point where I wouldn't believe ANYTHING ANY of them say/write... Obama, his aides, his cronies and ESPECIALLY the media - if each and every one of their tongues came NOTARIZED!

    Sorry, end of rant... (I'm quite ranty today it seems ; )