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Friday, June 8, 2012

June 8, 2012 - Morning Headlines

- Senator Rand Paul, son of Congressman Ron Paul, has officially endorsed Mitt Romney (CNN):

- Bill Clinton is "very sorry" and changes position on extending the Bush-era tax cuts (Video - Real Clear Politics):

- Suicides by US servicemen/women are surging to a rate of about one per day (Yahoo!):

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  1. Bill Clinton: "I don't want to raise anyone's taxes in a recession. We should extend the Bush era tax cuts for all."

    Ring Ring

    Bill Clinton: "Hello?"

    The Democratic Party: "Hey Willie, uhhh, yeah. We're going to have to remind you that the health of the country comes second to the party."

    Bill Clinton: "But this is what I believe. It's a recession. We really can't raise taxes for anyone when we're slowly coming back from a recession. The recovery is fragile."

    The Democratic Party: "Biiilllll... You know better than to side with the other guys. You can't back them. If you did, how would we lie our way out of it. Sound policies or not, we must stick together."

    Bill Clinton: "But..."

    The Democratic Party: "But nothing. We will disagree with them no matter how much their policies would help this economy."

    Bill Clinton: "Yes, sir."

    The Democratic Party: "So we are going to need you to go ahead and give a big 'I'm sorry' in another interview. And remember, party over policy."

    Bill Clinton: "Yes, sir."

  2. Did you hear Obama's press conference today?

    The economy sucks. It's going to continue to suck. It's Europe's fault. It's the GOP's fault.

    What a freaking joke.